July 25, 2016

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Lodi police canine bites, injures 14-year-old boy

MEDINA — A Lodi police dog bit a 14-year-old boy Saturday, which resulted in him receiving medical treatment at Medina Hospital, police said.

Medina police Lt. Bob Starcher said the teenager and his mother asked if they could pet the dog about 10 a.m. Saturday when Lodi Sgt. Brian Ritchie and his K-9 partner, Bosco, stopped at Astro Computers, 426 S. Court St., to pick up a new work computer.

The teen’s mother is an employee of the computer store.

“The dog sniffed the mom, and it was OK, and then sniffed the boy and bit him,” Starcher said. “It was an accident and unfortunate the boy was bit.”

The youth was treated at the hospital and released Saturday, Starcher said. No charges were filed.

“He sniffed my son once, grabbed his right forearm and dragged him about 6 feet,” the boy’s mother said. “He didn’t deserve this in any fashion.”

Her son received six stitches, she said, and he appears to be doing all right but missed class this week.

“He’was home from school again today,” the teen’s mother said Wednesday. “There are some issues with his medication but no infections.”

“The dog got a hold of (the boy’s) elbow and put four punctures into it,” Tom U’Ren, owner of Astro Computers, said Wednesday. “As far as I know, it hasn’t damaged any bones or tendons.”

U’Ren said he was curious why no charges were filed. “I’m not one to bash police or anything; but if you have a dog that’s vicious, it shouldn’t just be allowed to go out and bite people,” he said.

Lodi Police Chief Keith Keogh could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Lodi officer Fred Geissman said he was not familiar with the incident.

“The incident took place and is under investigation,” Geissman said.

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