June 26, 2016

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Medina is home to a new sweet shop

MEDINA — Known in the 1950s and ’60s as “The Sweetest Town on Earth,” Medina added about 235 new reasons for that reputation with the debut of Main Street Cupcakes in June.

Shop owners Sarah Forrer and her sister, Kimberly Martin, choose 15 to 20 flavors to make each day from the extensive 235-cupcake repertoire they’ve developed.

They range from classics like chocolate and vanilla to more exotic fare like Blackberry Margarita, Good Morning Bacon — yes, one cupcake features a crispy bit of bacon as a topper on the thick swirl of buttercream frosting — and Cassada Cupcake.

“Flavor inspiration comes from everywhere,” Forrer said. “Our favorite story is that we developed our Miami Vice cupcake on the beach in Mexico after drinking a fun summery drink that was a mix of pina colada and strawberry margarita.

“We sold over 1,000 cupcakes for our grand opening, and we’ve upped the amount every day since,” said Forrer, who has worked with Martin since the business started in 2007 and became a co-owner last year.

The store, dubbed the Sweets Cupboard, opened June 14. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or until they sell out, Tuesday through Saturday.

“All our stores sell out every day,” Forrer said, referring to the company’s Rocky River and Hudson locations as she nodded at the long line of customers waiting their turn.

Martin and her husband, Sean Nock, launched the first store in Hudson. Forrer said the second shop opened in Rocky River because of the strong customer base they had in the area.

Because there was such a demand from customers who drove from Medina to feed their cupcake cravings, “we knew Medina had to be the next location, but we had to find the right place,” Forrer said. “We look for storefronts on the street and for what we call destination areas where there’s a lot going on.”

They took occupancy at 102 W. Washington St. at the end of April, redoing the floors and preparing the loft as a birthday party room.

“Everyone asked about parties at the other locations, but they aren’t conducive,” Forrer said. “Even though the Rocky River shop is larger, there’s no private spot to host a party. We’ve already booked parties here.”

Forrer said in 2007 they were the first cupcake shop in Ohio.

“There’s a definite trend in specialty foods. Our difference now is that we’re accredited by the National Association for Specialty Foods,” she said.

Forrer said she is especially proud the company received a Smart Business World Class Customer Service Award this year.

They often develop the day’s fare by customer preference, and Forrer said they make a point of noting their regulars’ favorites. The shop takes preorders and special orders for weddings and other events and also will ship them frozen. For specific shipping information, visit www.mainstreetcupcakes.com.

“If one of our customers calls and says they’re going to be in the shop the next day, and I know that one of the family likes Classic Chocolate, one likes Carrot Cake and another likes Orange Float, we’ll bake those as part of that day’s menu.”

Four flavors featured daily are Wedding Day White, Red Velvet, Classic Vanilla and Classic Chocolate, each topped with buttercream frosting.

All the baking is done at the Hudson and Rocky River locations, but if anyone gets the midnight munchies for cupcakes, the business is addressing that by converting four popular flavors into dry mixes — vanilla, chocolate, carrot and red velvet — and marketing 16-ounce containers of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and champagne buttercream frosting.

Forrer attributes their business success to building strong relationships, adding that many of their customers become friends.
“I got married last April. It was a small wedding, but five of our customers attended. Our customers teach us a lot,” Forrer said as she handed a box of Red Velvet cupcakes over the gleaming glass display case to outstretched hands. “We’re doing one product, and we’re doing it right. A lot of people from Medina were customers at our other stores. Now we just made it easier for them to get the product.”

For information or to place orders, call (330) 725-6421.

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