April 16, 2014


Election 2011: Buckeye puts operating levy on Nov. ballot

YORK TWP. — Buckeye Schools, which has not received new operating money in 17 years, once again will ask the community for financial help.

The school board is seeking an approximately 7.9-mill levy for the November ballot. Board President Tracy Mattern said the Medina County Board of Elections has yet to certify the exact millage amount, which will be set to bring in about $3.16 million a year for five years.

Tracy Mattern

Tracy Mattern

“We made a commitment not to ask for money until we needed it,” Mattern said. “Very simply, we need it.”

He said the district is anticipating up to a $1.7 million deficit by the end of July 2012, which does not account for $500,000 in anticipated cuts to be handed down by the state.

“There’s really no more significant cuts that will carve out that amount of money that will allow us to keep offering an excellent education for our kids,” Mattern said.

The district has had 11 failed ballot requests for new operating money since 1994, the most recent of which was a 6.8-mill levy in August 2010 that was defeated by about 55 percent.

Last November, the district was slated to ask for an earned income tax, but removed the issue from the ballot before the vote after receiving about $350,000 in delinquent taxes.

Mattern said the district cannot rely on such good fortune to keep the district afloat.

“It probably helped buy us another year,” Mattern said. “There could be (another) collection but it might be a dollar and it might be $350,000 again. There’s no guarantee there.”

He said the board has tried to be “judicious” in its spending but can no longer survive without help from the community.

“We have tried to be good stewards and stay within our means within our budget,” Mattern said. “The good news is, we’ve stretched it. The bad news is, the rubber band is ready to break.”

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  • deborahs99

    Ha Ha Ha- Not asking for money until we need it! Really?? Every year, the district is in dire straits, needs money to continue, then lo and behold the Treasurer “finds Money”,returns pay to play fees, and are you sure it’s Just 7.9 Mills, not 9.7 mills, because Carolyn cannot keep her facts straight… let alone the numbers, .Just another learning experience , I guess! I love that the Board is JUDICIOUS in it’s spending>>>>HOW MUCH has the district wasted on legal fees to pursue the Treasurer’s/Board’s personal vendetta’s, well over 100 k, I’m sure, look up the free court records and see the facts for yourself, a costly third party investigation of the treasurer, with a less than favorable reccomendation NOT to keep her, and yet the Board turns a blind eye to the truth again! Her vendetta against those employees who told the truth about her, has already begun, and HOW MUCH spent on contracting out mechanical repairs that should be done in house, to friends and associates of board members/supervisor’s, work sent to other school districts, etc. HOW much spent on a useless and possibly Unsafe convertible Bus, in man hours/supplies for the transportation supervisor’s enjoyment at parades, etc, done on school time, just ask for a public request to check those facts too. Obviously, the tax payers of this district aren’t falling for the continued whining of the Treasurer/Board, Maybe, Mr. Mattern that is the reason your face is so RED in the photo !!! Oh, what A Tangled Web We Weave….. Le’t make a positive move for the students/district, and try being honest with the voters for a change, your credibility is Zero, so might as well start somewhere, how about with the truth….