June 26, 2016


Phone scam in Wadsworth targets the elderly

WADSWORTH — A number of elderly residents have been the targets of a telephone scam, police said.

Police Lt. Rob Wyrick said the scams involve a caller posing as a grandchild who has been arrested by an out-of-state law enforcement agency. The caller is seeking financial assistance.

“We’ve had no one report that they’ve been victimized and experienced a monetary loss,” Wyrick said. “Rather, we’ve fielded several phone calls over the past couple of weeks bringing it to our attention.”

The caller suggests the resident not tell anyone else about the arrest, including the grandchild’s parents, and tells the intended victim money needs to be wired in order to post bond.

The caller says police will be in touch. A second person then phones and poses as a police officer to give the victim instructions how to wire the bail money.

The caller seeks to have money wired to foreign countries, including Peru, Mexico and Canada, Wyrick said.

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