June 25, 2016


Medina Township cop lauded for CPR efforts

MEDINA TWP. — A police officer’s CPR allowed a woman to live long enough that her family could say goodbye.

Medina Township police Officer Michael Oyler, 39, received a life-saving award at Thursday’s township trustees’ meeting, for using CPR to revive Debora Gaydar, 52. Police Chief David Arbogast presented Oyler with the award.

In late March, Oyler responded to a call on Granger Road about a woman who was unresponsive but breathing.

He said that when he got to the house, Gaydar was breathing on her own and had a pulse, but while her husband was telling him what happened, she stopped breathing.

Oyler said he pulled Gaydar out of the bathroom and into the living room. “I started CPR right away,” he said.

He continued until the Life Safety Team arrived. While the paramedics were doing their work, he continued CPR for about 15 to 20 minutes, he said. Her heart started beating on its own, and she was taken to Medina Hospital, where she died several hours later.

Oyler said Gaydar had some health problems.

At the time, he said he felt like his efforts were unsuccessful because of Gaydar’s death. But her family later thanked him, because he said some were able to come from out of town to be with her.

During the presentation, Trustee Michael Todd read a letter from one of Gaydar’s sons, Matthew Simon. “Because of you, I was able to hold her hand and say goodbye,” Simon wrote.

Todd said Oyler was simply fulfilling his duty as a police officer and was not expecting recognition in that moment.

“He wasn’t looking for an award,” Todd said during the meeting. “He wasn’t looking for us to recognize him.”

All police officers have CPR training, but Oyler has done a separate course on how to deal with serious trauma as well, he said.

Oyler has worked for the Medina Township Police Department for six years, and before that, he worked in Wayne County.

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