June 26, 2016


Breakfast speakers address health care issues

Breakfast this morning featured Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She discussed the importance of extended health coverage for more Americans and explained how the changes in Medicare will deliver this end.

Sebelius is an Ohio native as her father was former Ohio Gov. John Gilligan. Keeping the Ohio flavor, she touted Sen. Sherrod Brown’s work and discussed how critical it is that Ohio re-elect him. She is right; a Brown loss will almost certainly mean a Republican U.S. Senate.

Next, actress Ashley Judd spoke about women’s rights, health care and the mess President Obama inherited upon taking office. She said that he has stopped the bleeding and is moving the country forward and needs to continue that good work with a second term.

The afternoon will be filled with some events for delegates, but I want to get downtown early. Former Gov. Ted Strickland is on the agenda tonight at around 9. Also on tap tonight are first lady Michelle Obama and convention keynote speaker Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio and the first Latino keynote speaker of the Democratic Convention.

I am also hoping for a return visit to the CNN Grill, but we will see how my group’s luck plays out. I will check in later this evening.

Chase Ritenauer is mayor of Lorain and a delegate to the 2012 Democratic national convention.