June 30, 2016

Partly sunny

Youth Caucus meeting

By Nick Hanek

I am currently at a Youth Caucus meeting at the convention. The room is packed.

Youth Caucus is defined as under 36. At 31 years old, this is definitely a much younger room than me, which is great. I think that it is important to incorporate youth into political involvement. I believe this convention is doing a great job of that.

I am sitting next to State Rep. Jay Goyal from Mansfield. He’s going to participate in a panel in front of the caucus in a minute. Ohio has a large number of very young elected officials. I believe that Ohio has more youth elected officials than most other states. At least in the Democratic party. That’s a great thing.

The President of the Young Democrats of America just stated that membership has been better than ever and the enthusiasm matches or surpasses the 2008 election.

Later on tonight we also cast the official votes for the Presidential Nomination.