July 23, 2016

Mostly sunny

Looking forward to Clinton’s speech

By Nick Hanek

I’m here on the floor of the convention. The second night of the convention. Already the convention floor is nearly filled. I think the energy from last night has carried over into today. I haven’t heard anyone say a negative word about last night. Already the crowd is lively.

We are seated right in front of Wisconsin and American Samoa. Hawaii is just to the left of us. North Carolina is seated right in front of the stage on the floor down below. That makes sense, they are the host state.

I’m looking forward to two things tonight; 1) that I will get to hear Bill Clinton speak and 2) that my grandmother will likely get to see me during the speech due to the placement of the delegation. She adores Bill Clinton.

Other thoughts:

– I had a discussion with some Ohio friends with a group of delegates from Missouri. They insisted that Ohio was not a Midwestern state, but a rust belt state. A Wikipedia page, a long discussion, and little progress was made on this issue.

– I saw Newman from Seinfeld across the room during lunch at a local place.

– Everyone I’ve met in public office from Ohio is dedicated and passionate in talking about how they want to help the lives of the people they serve. It is a great feeling. I’ve had the chance to speak to many of then up close this week.

– I may avoid blogging during the speeches tonight due to the amount of times the Ohio delegation has been on camera. I don’t want to be texting and blogging on camera!