July 24, 2016


Sen. Sherrod Brown speaks at Ohio delegation breakfast

By Nick Hanek

The opening of the DNC also included our votes on platform and policy. The room was unanimous in adopting a platform that continues to move America forward. A lot of the work that a delegate is responsible for happens in the earlier hours of the evening.

I’m sitting at the Ohio Delegation breakfast after a long night of events. Senator Sherrod Brown is speaking to our delegation and told us that Michelle Obama wrote her own speech that she delivered last night.

What a speech it was. The arena was emotional, moved, and inspired.

Sherrod Brown just mentioned the parts of the Chevy Cruze that are built around Ohio. Including parts from Brunswick. So we were mentioned by a speaker at this convention. And Barack Obama helped make this continue to happen by betting in American workers and the auto industry.

Tonight: Bill Clinton.

Other thoughts:

– There is no sleep at a convention. And I’m not sure I really need it, this is exciting.

– This convention was stated to be the most open and accessible in history. That has to be true. I’m not the only one typing from their phone or making sure others can join in this experience.

– Ohio is everywhere here. While walking out of the arena, I joked that we could say “OH” and get an “IO” back anywhere in Charlotte. We tried it. Got an “IO” back… From right behind us. Met a woman who came from Columbus, not a part of our Ohio delegation, who had come down with her niece so she could be a part of the convention. Almost everywhere I go, i have met people with Ohio connections.

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