June 30, 2016

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Bill Clinton’s speech was ‘inspirational’

By Nick Hanek

I got back to my hotel from the DNC at about 2:30 a.m. today, and I’m heading to the delegation breakfast right now at about 7:30 a.m.

Last night was simply incredible. At times almost overwhelming. Most of the time the Ohio delegation was seated, all of the local and national media would be right on top of us. Both interviewing members of the delegation and holding cameras inches from your face looking for reaction shots. At the same time each of us are receiving text messages and other information from people watching at home. All the while so much other action is happening all around you.

Bill Clinton was inspirational. It may be the best speech I’ve ever seen in person. I do not use those words lightly: after and during this speech I felt a tremendous sense of pride and patriotism. He outlined what Barack Obama has done, what he believes in, and how he will continue to fight for the middle class.

The thought that helping people and working together with others is something to strive for, not to ridicule. I also felt an important point was that Barack Obama inherited a crisis and he has helped us make progress out of it. The job isn’t complete, but it has started. We are in a better position today for it.

Last night the Ohio delegation voted to nominate President Obama for a second term. We were the delegation that put him over the top and secured the nomination. I was one of those votes. What an absolute honor.

Other thoughts:

• I’m thankful for everyone that voted for me to be a delegate. I have participated in every vote and action that I can. I’ve been on the convention floor from start to finish each night and at meetings and events. I’m trying my best. So thanks to my parents, Ryan, Jim, Vince, Maryann and family, John, John, Gary, Carolyn, Jim, Kim, Bob, and everyone else who came out to vote for me earlier this year. I’m sorry if I didn’t put your name there. I’m tired.

• I’m typing this while watching the morning speakers. For having almost no sleep, I’m holding up pretty well.

• My phone has not been able to have any battery life by the end of any night so far.

• There have been multiple “U S A” chants. These are not planned. They are a product of feeling proud of America and the leader of America. And all out of a tremendous positive energy.

• We have been moved indoors today, which places approximately 80000 people into a 20000 space. I will have to be there early. Even with the credentials and being a voting member I still have to maneuver through the thousands of people all around the outside of the arena.

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