April 18, 2014

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Romney campaigns in Cuyahoga Falls

CUYAHOGA FALLS — Mitt Romney, boosted by a big post-debate bounce in the polls, radiated confidence Tuesday night as he encouraged supporters filling the parking lot of the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium.

“At President Obama’s rally today, they chanted four more years, four more years,” Romney said. “And today, there’s four more weeks before the election. I think the chant ought to be four more weeks, four more weeks.”

The crowd responded: “Four more weeks; four more weeks.”

Romney was accompanied on his swing through Ohio by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

But before they took the stage, local GOP officials prepared the way.

U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci rallied the crowd to support “The Three R’s” —Romney, Ryan and Renacci.

Renacci, a Wadsworth resident, said he was proud to be an early backer of Romney, calling for his nomination a year ago near the start of the primary campaign.

“I said that because — believe me after spending 23 months in Washington — I knew we were not going in the right direction,” he said. “I also knew that we needed somebody who understands what it means to balance a budget, understands what it means to make a payroll, understands what it means to get the economy running again, and that’s what Gov. Romney will do.”

Renacci encouraged those in attendance to get out and vote a straight Republican ticket. He specifically called for support of Josh Mandel’s bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown.

“We have 28 days to seal the deal, we have 28 days to change the direction of our country,” Renacci said.

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman also spoke at the rally, along with Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor.

Taylor said that while Ohio is better off in the two years since she and Gov. John Kasich were elected in November 2010, the rest of the country is not.

After saying she was worried about the 23 million Americans still looking for a job, she paused to thank someone in the crowd who shouted, “Unemploy one more.”

“That was a good one,” she said.

Christie took the stage just before Romney spoke.

The outspoken governor, who was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention, said he was shocked by the Democratic National Convention.

“When I hear that much BS I get lightheaded,” he said.

He cited a video that aired during the convention that said, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

“We don’t belong to government, the government belongs to us,” Christie said.

Romney took the stage and drew sharp lines between his and the president’s positions on several issues.

“This is a president, who, if re-elected, will put in place ObamaCare,” Romney said. “We can’t afford that. I will repeal it and replace it with other things.”

He also pledged to continue defense spending at least at current levels.

“You’re going to see him cut the military, hundreds of billions of dollars more,” Romney said. “I will not cut our military; we can keep our military.”

Romney also pledged to keep taxes low for small businesses and balance the budget.

“In my view, we have a moral responsibility to stop spending more money than we take in,” he said. “If I’m president, I will get us back on track to finally having a balanced budget.”

There was one thing Romney and President Obama agree on — they both encourage early voting.

“I want you to make a commitment to me,” Romney said. “I want you to go out there and find someone who voted for President Barack Obama and get them to come and join our team.

“This is a time we have to come together and take back America. We’re going to do it. Ohio’s going to elect the next president.”

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  • http://twitter.com/wilmastewart1 wilma stewart

    How insulting to our state and our people that Gov. Mitt Romney feels that he has to bring in a novelty speaker like Gov. Chris Cristie to draw crouds for him and ignore our own Gov John Kasich! The state of Ohio is in a much better economic place then most of the states in the country and that is in most part because of John Kasich. Even better then New Jersey, and we don’t even have “Jersey Shore” to boost our Tourism Revenue!.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosemary-Malloy/100002166199056 Rosemary Malloy

    This man is more connected to the Criminal Cabal than obama is. His trip to israel was to seal the deal that he would continue the agenda to go to war with iran, continue this farse of a foreign policy, contrived of false flags operations beginning with 911 to instill the fear of a terrorism that was concocted by the criminal elitists and the military industrial complex. How many more innocent lives are going to be lost because of this evil?nrombama is no different that obomney execpt he has a in with israelnhttp://www.catholicactionresourcecenter.com/bollynonromney911.htm

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD3DdskaPhs Phaerisee

    I do not understand why more people do not report and talk about what Mitt Romney believes. He is a bishop in his church. Even a couple weeks ago, The Daily Caller was bringing up President Obama’s ties to Reverend Wright, so an examination of Romney’s beliefs seems fair. I think it is relevant to note that his church has some interesting teachings historically in regard to African-Americans and any people of color other than whites.nnhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ek_jkwGg3I&feature=related

  • Nicodemuus

    I admire your politeness. You could have just come out and said they teach that black skin is a curse. They call it “The Mark of Cain.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004478824642 Carl Jensen

    I am a Catholic and a Republican. Ryan’s role model for many years was Ayn Rand…NOT Jesus. His budget is the playbook for the Tea Party Republicans. Is the Romney/Ryan budget REALLY in the best interest of our families? Let’s see…Romney/Ryan does have a plan, its called what ever the GOP want. This is the basic plan:nnLower Taxes for 20%, mainly top 1%nnLower Corporate taxes. Eliminate Capital Gains Tax (Mitt pays ZERO Income Taxes with this one)nnDeregulate Wall Street, Banks,Oil Companies, Insurance Companies, etcnnGo to war with Iran, etcnnStarve off funding to Dept of Education. Promote Charter Schools.nnGet rid of ALL social programs, HUD, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social SecuritynnGet rid of Abortion for all women, regardless of circumstancesnnSelf deportation for Latino, Mexicans and anyone else of colornnMedicare Voucher Program. NO to Pre-Existing Conditions.nnIt also depends on who Romney is talking about as to what his plan is, but this is it!nnnnOne last question Mr. Romney, do you really think ER is a health care plan?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.radcliffe.31 Sandy Radcliffe

    nnnRemember the quote from Newt Gingrich about Romney? u201cHow cannyou debate someone who lies aboutneverything?u201dnnn nnnIf people want to know what I stand for, they can look at my record asngovernor.u201d ~ Mitt Romneynnn nnnLet’s see…nnnUnder Gov. Romney,nMassachusetts fell to 47th out of 50 in job creation: nnBefore Romneyu2019s time as governor, Massachusetts ranked 36th out of 50 in jobncreation, but over the course of his tenure the state ranked a dismal 47th outnof 50u2014even as the national economy was growing. The BaynState only beat Michigan,nOhio, and Louisianau2014which was still recovering fromnthe aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.nnnnGov. Romney created or raised over 1,000ntaxes and fees: nnThough he promised he wouldnu2019t raise taxes as governor, he increased taxes andnfees by as much as $750 million per year, leaving the average taxpayer to pay an extra $1,227 in state and local fees andntaxes. During his first year in office, Romneynraised fees on milk, driveru2019s licenses, hospitals, nursing and barber licenses,nand even on the blind.nnnnGov. Romney left behind a huge budgetndeficit: nnRomney broke his pledge to balance the budget and left his successor, Gov.nDeval Patrick, with a $1 billion budget deficit. Long-term debt increased byn16% over Romneyu2019s four-year term, and he left Massachusetts with the highest debt pernperson in the nation.nnn n

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.radcliffe.31 Sandy Radcliffe

    nnnBased on a new report by the Century Foundation &nEconomic Policy Institute, here’s a summary of Romney’s budget. Two scenariosnare laid out, because Romney still hasn’t said which one he’d pursue.nnnnA) IF THE ROMNEY TAXnCUTS FOR THE WEALTHY are financed by the deficit:nn2013 – GDP increases 0.01%nn2013 – Employment gain = 87,000nn2014 – GDP increases 0.5%nn2014 – Employment loss = 641,000nnBoth years, the Deficit would increasenby $300 billion.nnnB) IF THE ROMNEY TAXnCUTS FOR THE WEALTHY are financed by raising taxes elsewhere.nn2013 – GDP increases 0.5%nn2014 – Employment loss = 608,000nn2014 – GDP increases 1.1%nn2014 – Employment loss = 1.3 millionnn Both years, the Deficit continues to increase.nnnUNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA’S 2013 BUDGET:nnIn 2013 – GDP increases 0.9%nnIn 2013 – Employment gain = 1.1 millionnnIn 2014 – GDP increases 0.3%nnIn 2014 – Employment gain = 280,000nnDeficit in 2013 adds $44 billion. Deficit in 2014 decreases $39 billion. nnnRomney’s budgetncauses massive job losses and increases the Deficit.nnPresident Obama grows jobs, grows the GDP, and decreases the Deficit.n

  • The snapper

    Carl Jensen you are either just an idiot or totally misinformed. I venture to say a lot of both, what you posted was about as close to the truth as Obamas brith certificate