April 17, 2014

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Medina teen who made threat must talk to area students

MEDINA — A 19-year-old man who admitted to scrawling a threat of violence on a Medina High School bathroom wall must talk to students as part of his punishment.

David M. Farley, of 4056 Stonegate Drive, was sentenced Monday to five years of probation and 80 hours of community service to Medina County schools.

David M. Farley

“This sentencing means nothing to seventh- or eighth-grade students,” county Prosecutor Dean Holman said. “But if he talks to them about it, that might mean something to them.”

Farley and a second former student were ordered to jointly pay $5,000 in restitution to Medina Schools.

Farley pleaded guilty last month to vandalism, a fourth-degree felony, and inducing panic, a first-degree misdemeanor.

He and Cody W. Fascione, 18, of 311 Howard St., were students when they were arrested April 23. They were accused of writing on a boys’ bathroom stall “C.M.G.” and “Kill ’em all” with the date “4/20.”

“C.M.G.” is short for “Cash Money Gangsta,” the name of a group of high school and Claggett Middle School students.

Fascione pleaded guilty Aug. 7 to the same charges as Farley and was sentenced Sept. 20.

He and Farley received the same sentencing, which also forbids them to have contact with one another, Holman said.

The writing on the bathroom stall led to widespread panic for students and parents in Medina Schools. The high school was evacuated April 13 after a student reported the threatening message.

Less than half the students at both Medina High School and Claggett Middle School attended classes April 20, the date that was scrawled on the wall.

Holman, Superintendent Randy Stepp and police agreed to charge Farley and Fascione with crimes that could be expunged in return for community service.

Farley and Fascione will speak to Medina County’s students about how making threats could ruin their lives.

“Just putting this kid in prison isn’t going to stop this from happening,” Holman said.

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  • William S. Boss

    Both of these kids will have the internet trail follwing them the rest of their lives, regardless of whether their records are expunged. They are lucky to not be serving time. Mybe future punks will learn from te current ones to not be stupid.

  • William S. Boss


  • Lucky to not live in Medina

    Unbelievably harsh punishment for what years gone by has been known as graffiti. No justice served here…the lucky ones are those who never make a mistake at all…and a big shout out to the justice system of medina county for taking kids and grinding their hopes and futures into the ground at such as early age instead of all the true criminals that are getting off everyday on technicalities. These two KIDS were SENIORS…it was a BAD PRANK and not even our school officials thought enough of it to call it a threat and cancel school. Why? Because they didn’t consider these two KIDS threats – just dumb acting seniors….foolish, yes. Deserving of what they got? Felony charges? Really?! How about charging the school officials for knowing this was a stupid and foolish prank at the time it happened AND then not informing the school body immediately that they knew it was a prank and not a real threat?

  • Buffalo

    It was a seriously bad choice, and being “Seniors,” they should have known better. After all the violence that has gone on at other schools in the country, it’s a safe bet that if you threaten violence and get caught, you will be prosecuted and likely punished. “…taking kids and grinding their hopes and futures into the ground…?” These kids got probation, community service, and fines, with records being expunged if they do everything right – they COULD have gotten jail time on top of that, so they got off pretty easy. They were the ones who made the bad choice, so they are the ones who have to face the consequences of their own foolish actions. Lucky? You seem more whiny than lucky to me.

  • BereaBrave

    Well, this threat spurred on another threat later (albiet facebook hype), where a fair amount of the students at the high school & Claggett stayed home because there was suppose to be a retaliatory shootings. Parents dealt with crying kids afraid for their lives. The initial threat at the high school made the students evacuate the building, leaving their backpacks behind. Kids missed after school work, had to leave cars in the parking lot because of no keys, older kids that would normally pick up young siblings couldn’t, so I don’t know where any of this was not directly because of those boys actions. You don’t yell fire in a crowed theatre, and you certainly don’t threaten violence in a school in the wake of the countless school shootings. Being stupid and young is no excuse. Being 18 and 19, they are adults in any court in the land.

  • parenting 101

    You can’t be serious. A prank is stealing the teachers erasers. Writing death threats on bathroom walls in a time where students are murdered in their suburban schools by fellow students just shows a complete lack of intelligence. Making excuses for these kids when theyu2019ve done wrong is exactly the type of parenting that brought them to this situation to begin with. There’s likely a track record of bad decisions that were never dealt with, i.e. they never learned how bad actions lead to bad consequences. Now they have and in the long run hopefully they will understand and learn what they should.

  • Medina Parent

    Maybe 30+ years ago, not now. God forbid a school not take something seriously and then students get hurt/killed. If warning signs for these type of actions were so easy to identify then you would have a valid argument. Bomb/violence threats almost always are false…..almost. I wouldnu2019t want some school bureaucrat making the call with my kidu2019s life potentially on the line.

  • Medina Bees

    Agree completely. One trait that continues to grow in kids and adults is a complete lack of accountability. It usually occurs in much smaller(less public) ways. I see parents making excuses for the children’s actions all the time, it seems to never be their fault or the old line – boys being boys. Itu2019s sad. David Farley most likely had a history of poor behavior well before they turned 18 that was never addressed.

  • Medina0001

    no comon sense! David Farley should have received jail time!

  • Leslie Cremeens

    I’m sorry, if there is any kind of death threat at my kids’ school, I’m hoping the kids that did it are severely punished! After all the violence happening at schools lately, how can you say that this is harsh? Death threats are no joking matter, in this day and age of school shootings and bomb threats—and kids are scared after hearing what has happened to other kids their ages. I think they got exactly what they deserved! We don’t need that kind of “prank” in any of our Medina County schools.

  • WOW2166

    David Farley like many other suburban ‘thugs’ should be made an example of. Can’t believe that anyone could rationalize his actions as a prank. Some of the other comments are right, I’m sure he feels he’s a victim!

  • Yikes

    There was just another threat made in Chardon School district ! Whats wrong with these kids! They need to teach common sense either at home or in the schools.

  • it has to stop

    Went looking for information about the Conn. shooting and came across this article. This is the type of kid we need to keep an eye on. He should be in jail, the fact that someone can make threats about killing kids in their school like David Farley did, should get the book thrown at them. It’s beyond comprehension how someone like this David Farley can find kiiling kids funny! Sick person.

  • Doctorial Student

    I’m completing a thesis paper on juvenile delinquents and violence in schools. If anyone has details as to the sentence David Farley received and when he is speaking it would be helpful. I’ll monitor these comments for any details. nnItu2019s bizarre in this day that someone as old as David Farley would find humor in making violent threats at a school.nThese people canu2019t be wired right, Iu2019ve gathered over 30 examples of cases like David Farleyu2019s that have occurred nationwide in the last 12 months and looking for common threads.

  • ultraliberal

    This David Farley dude is probably one step away from flipping out and becoming another Tj Lane and starts shooting. Glad they stopped him before he went on a rampage!

  • Criminal Actions

    Medina must be a piece of work, This David Farley kid being a juvenile delinquent and the school administration being incompetent. Wow what a community Medina must be! Not really a surprise, you must have disengaged parents who coddle their kids, playing victim when any discipline is needed. And a community that allows school administrators to get benefits that are nothing short of criminal. I’m sure we’ll see this David Farley on America most wanted at some time in the future!

  • medina 001

    What an indiot – 18 yrs old and acting like its no big deal. Its beyond a lack of common sesne, David Farley must have some sort of mental disorder. Amazing

  • willard


  • BTaylor02

    you hear about these perverted indoiviuduals taking people hostage. etc…wonder if this is how they start out. He should of spent time in jail, I’m sure his parents think he’s a victom and likley coddled him his whole life. Now he has to be accountable for his actions. Something is mentally wrong with this David Farley that he would laugh like this was some kind of joke. Completely without a moral compass or upbringing.

  • Anychancetowin

    A common thread is likely their upbringing. Like was mentioned before, these behaviors start at home and are usually empowered by parents who coddle their kids and/or have dysfunctional family dynamics. I’venlooks at allot of these and in every case there is a lack of morals getting established. This occurs either through not being held accountable for their action s when they were younger. I would propose that this David Farley feels that people are overreacting and likely his pinion is supported by past and current parental behaviors. David Farley could easily be in jail and if something doesnu2019t change David Farley will do something more violent.

  • Atlanta Mom

    This article came up when I goggled bullying. It make me want to puke on people like David Farley who basically are bullies. I can only imagine what he must of been like when he was in grade school. Those early signs are excused over and over again until they turn into an 18 year old punk like this David Farley kid.n nThis article on CNN is probably what this David Farley kids could of been like when he was younger. nhttp://www.cnn.com/2013/10/24/justice/washington-school-gun-arrest/index.html?iref=allsearchnn nnParents must start being parents or their kids will turn into David Farley’s of the world. Stop making excuses for kidu2019s bad behaviors and hold them accountable. Now at 18 this David Farley kids poor character has caught up to him, parents can no longer make excuses, and schools can no longer excuse behavior issues by saying u201cboy’s will be boy’su201d. Let David Farley be an example for the future, or our kids will turn into more David Farleyu2019s.

  • Another pampered kid

    Whats wrong with the morons like David Farley. This David Farley kid is exactly like Colorado shooter Karl Pierson, just one small step from being a complete homincidal maniac. I pray that David Farley’s parents, assuming they have realized their son is not normal in the head, are keeping an eye on him(and not being enablers).nJustread the aritcle about the latest shooter in Colorado that murdered a girl….nhttp://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/17/us/colorado-school-shooting/

  • MHS00012

    Amazing stupidity – can this David Farley kid be that stupid? I’m guessing we’ll see his mugshot again some time.