June 27, 2016

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City to ‘tweak’ wording in sign ordinance

BRUNSWICK — A key provision of the city’s long-debated ban on most pole signs is on hold after city officials discovered an essential definition was inadvertently left out of the ordinance.

City Council on Monday voted unanimously to delay issuing construction permits for “monument signs,” which stand on the ground and serve to advertise one or more businesses, for six months while revisions are made to the pole sign ban ordinance.

“We’re not going through the whole process again,” said city Law Director Ken Fisher, who described the revisions as a “tweak.”

The ordinance, which passed unanimously in September after years of discussion, prohibits new pole signs in the commercial district that stretches through most of Pearl and Center roads. The only exception is the area along Interstate 71, known as the highway district.

Fisher said the problem was that in an effort to create “content-neutral” wording, provisions in the ordinance defining “shopping center signs,” which is how the city previously referred to monument signs, were removed.

Fisher said the oversight meant that monument signs could be constructed as high as 20 feet, circumventing the goal of the ordinance to ban tall, unsightly advertising signs.

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