June 30, 2016

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Brunswick Fire Department learns to use new equipment

BRUNSWICK — Firefighters may be able to rescue trapped motorists a little faster with equipment purchased through a federal grant.

The new equipment, from Genesis Rescue Systems, includes hydraulic rams, cutters, saws and spreader — all of which can be used to cut apart a car and free a trapped victim.

Members of the Brunswick Fire Department train Wednesday for vehicle rescues using new equipment from Genesis Rescue Systems. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY LOREN GENSON)

Fire Chief Jim Baird said the new equipment is easier to use than the equipment the department had been using.

On Wednesday, firefighters received hands-on training with the new equipment.

“It’s all lighter and the trigger mechanisms are easier to use,” Baird said.

The tools also hook into and disconnect more quickly and easily from generators, saving time during an automobile rescue, he said.

The new equipment is also more powerful, he said.

“There’s more spreading force and more cutting force,” Baird said.

The chief said the equipment was purchased with $45,000 from a federal grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The city received a total of $245,000 earlier this year from the grant.

The other $200,000 went to communications upgrades for the police/fire dispatch department.

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