July 23, 2016

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Two Alferio quints home for the holiday

MEDINA — The Alferio family had two special reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving. Two of their quintuplets came home from the hospital Wednesday.

Leann Alferio, 31, of Medina, gave birth to quintuplets Oct. 7, and has been eager to have them come home.

“I go back and forth from really nervous to just really thankful and grateful that everything is as good as it is,” Leann said Sunday.

Giovanni, a boy, and Brooklynn, a girl, are settling into their new surroundings at home, Leann said.

She and her husband Jacob, 28, didn’t get much sleep Wednesday night.

“As soon as Giovanni was done eating we had to get her changed and have her fed,” she said.

The family didn’t travel as far as they usually do for Thanksgiving, Leann said. Instead of visiting her parents in Delphos, a three-hour drive, they stayed closer to home, visiting Jacob’s parents in Kipton.

“Having them home was pretty tiring in itself so we weren’t up for much traveling anyway,” she said.

On Sunday, Leann was on her way to the hospital to make sure Kensley would pass “the car seat test.”

If she can sit in a car seat for an hour without having trouble breathing, she would be clear to come home, as soon as today or Tuesday.

The family’s latest project is trying to find a car that will fit everyone — two adults, five babies and 9-year-old Lexi.

“It’s hard if you don’t want to drive a school bus,” Leann said.

Jade, a girl, and Leighton a boy, who remain in the hospital, are doing better with feeding, and both are still breathing with help from an oxygen tube, she said. They are expected to be reunited with their siblings at home in mid-December.

The Alferios, who are both teachers in Brunswick schools, have been posting regular updates and photos about the quints’ progress on their website, at thealferio5.weebly.com.

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