June 25, 2016


Medina police begins Operation House Call

MEDINIA — The city Police Department is launching a new program, called Operation House Call, aimed at taking care of senior citizens living alone.

Pat Berarducci

“Our seniors built this community, now it is our chance to give back to them,” Mayor Dennis Hanwell said. “Many of our seniors are alone. Family members are out of the state or in other areas and cannot be, on a day-to-day basis, taking care of their parents or grandparents.”

Police Chief Patrick Berarducci said the program, which is built on the city’s snow removal program for seniors, will be run by volunteers from the department’s auxiliary, the Medina Police Specials Unit and the Medina Police Academy Alumni Association.

The volunteers will make weekly calls and visits to seniors registered with the program, which officials hope to launch in a week, the chief said.

The chief praised the program as “community policing at its finest.”

“Medina City cares about our seniors and especially those who live alone or are homebound for health reasons,” he said. “We have implemented this program to take care of the people that are alone in the community.”

The program is free for all seniors living in the city who are at least 55, or younger residents who have disabilities or other limitations.

Berarducci said seniors interested in the program should contact the police department, the mayor’s office at city hall or their city councilmember.

Officers will take care of the registration and follow up. The registration form may be completed by the senior who will receive the service or a family member.

The public also may call the police department at (330) 725-7777 to request an Operation House Call visit for a qualified senior or person with disabilities living in Medina.

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