April 16, 2014

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Convicted sex offender indicted again for assault

MEDINA — A Montville Township man convicted in October of sexually assaulting a teenage girl was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday, accused of raping another teenage girl.

Patrick J. Shank, 45, of 5170 Chippewa Road, is scheduled for a Dec. 13 arraignment before Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler on 12 first-degree felony counts of rape.

Patrick Shank

Shank is being held in the Medina County Jail pending sentencing Monday for his conviction on two third-degree felony counts of sexual battery, a third-degree felony count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and two first-degree misdemeanor counts of contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a minor.

All but one of the contributing charges involved a 17-year-old York Township girl, who testified that Shank sexually assaulted her in his home on four occasions between 2008 and 2010, when she was 13 to 15 years old.

Prosecutors identified a 20-year-old woman as the other victim, who told the jury Shank provided her with alcohol and tried to seduce her.

Shank faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison on each of his three felony convictions.

Montville Township Police Chief Terry Grice said the new accusations came from a 22-year-old township woman who told officers on Oct. 26 — hours before Shank’s verdict came out — that Shank raped her several times between 2003 and 2005.

Grice said the woman told police she decided to come forward after reading stories about Shank’s trial in The Gazette.

Like Shank’s accusers in the October trial, the Montville woman said she was a friend of the Shank family and was a teenager — between 13 and 15 — at the time. She also said two of the assaults involved alcohol.

“If there are other victims, we encourage them to come forward,” Grice said.

Kenneth Lewis, Shank’s attorney in the October trial, declined to comment on the indictments, saying he wasn’t sure he would represent Shank in the new case.

“This is the first I’m hearing of it,” Lewis said Tuesday.

Lewis said the new case does not change his plans to appeal the October case.

“It’s a completely separate case,” he said.

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  • medinacommunity

    pat shank is innocent, this women is no better than the rest. shes doing this for attention clearly. i dont know how these people sleep at night knowing that they are hurting an innocent man and his family for their own fun and games, if medina county court finds him guilty on these charges it just shows that this communitys law system is corrupt and doesnt look for any evidence but only go by what people say. to me, there should be evidence in a case to find a person guilty and not just someones testimony. thats not evidence. women are taking advantage of the new sex law to get revenge on people that dont deserve to go to jail. i know plenty of people who have told me and others this has happened to them and its bull that people get away with telling these lies.

  • al

    He’s already going to prison. Would this woman come forward and subject herself to public humiliation just for the “attention”? You say we shouldn’t just go by what people say, so why should we believe you that he’s innocent. What evidence do you have to back up your statement?

  • Justice

    I read in one of the post someone asking what his life was going to be like when Patrick gets out. After reading this, I don’t think that will ever happen.

  • Sky

    I know this man. I know his wife and his children. I have been to parties at their home. I have seen your precious little girls in action there, and believe me, bad parenting on your part DOES NOT constitute rape on his part! I wonder if the parents of these lovely “girls” even know where they were the nights in question–and I wonder if they know how they presented themselves? I wonder if they know exactly what their darlings do when their backs are turned? I WAS THERE AND I SAW IT. Several guests passed your daughters around like the bad joke they were…but NOT ONE by Mr. Shank. I can say this: Mr. Shank’s attorney took NOT ONE deposition. He interviewed NOT ONE witness. Why??? Because Mr. Shank’s attorney was hired by Mrs. Shank—who clearly wants her husband out of the picture and has for years–that’s common knowledge. I cannot wait for the appeal in his case—this will all be over-turned and Mr. Shank’s good standing will be restored. I have never seen Mr. Shank provide alcohol to these lovely little darlings–rather, his other guests brought alcohol, and yes–your little girls slammed shots and belched as if they were of legal age. Shame on you deadbeat parents who do not pay attention to their girls’ whereabouts and what exactly they do! This man is clearly innocent and has been railroaded by you all. You have NO EVIDENCE. You claim that he raped you, yet you returned to his home again and again. WHY??? Because it wasn’t RAPE! Why were there no police reports? No calls from parents?? Because this man is innocent at the hands of story-fabricating idiot teen girls who clearly do not have the parenting they need. I cannot wait for the appeal!

  • inquiry

    I doubt his wife would have testified on his behalf if she really wanted him out of the picture. looked like she tried everything she could to clear his name. You talk about passing daughters around like bad jokes? what does that make you? If I were having a party at my house and I saw a child drinking I would have kicked them out and called their parents.You talk about uninformed parents, well as an adult that should have been YOUR job to inform them since you were there. As far as I’m concerned, any adult that has sex with a child, whether it is consentual or not is still rape because its taking advantage of them. Children by nature are weak, impressionable and are easily cooerced, which is why there are laws to protect them from predators. You are so quick to protect this guy, that you dont even realize how bad you just burried yourself. Why were you at the parties? Why did you do nothing to protect these kids? Did you pass these girls around too? Should we worry about you too?

  • Sky

    First of all, his wife lied about something seemingly insignificant under oath, which pretty much sank her testimony entirely, including any testimony which may have helped him. Secondly, if you’ve ever had teenage girls as I have, you would know that parenting them is all about accountability. They all lie and say they are going to one friend’s house, when in fact, they go somewhere else entirely. It is your job as a parent to A) call that other parent yourself to make sure the plans are the truth, and B) Check up on them. As a parent of several older girls, I can say with much certainty that these girls did NOT look under 21, nor did they represent themselves as such. From what I understand, this was not the first accusation either girl has brought before on other people. I can tell you that there is no one who would fight harder for a child who is believed to be taken advantage of—one of the girls was throwing herself on other guys at the party and they responded. Bad upbringing, in my honest opinion. If I thought for one second that one of them was under 21, I most certainly would have said something to EVERYONE, but it appeared to me that they were young, but old enough to drink like sailors and throw themselves at whomever would have them.

  • universe

    You are a disgusting human being. No better than Patrick Shank, the child molester/rapist.

  • medinacommunity

    sky as much as you are right about pat, you are wrong about his wife. she never wanted him out of this picture. as a matter of fact shes doing everything in her power to help him. i feel terrible for the whole family, pat doesnt deserve to be in there. and al, you should belive my statement because i have been there at that families house for years. pat had alibies for several of the dates that he was charged and its only because they didnt have a good attourney. some of the dates he was accused he wasnt even home. and theres ALOT of proof that will be shown at the appeal. so stop calling this man a rapist and child molester when you dont even know him. its a proven fact that any man tht is accused of this kind of charge will be found guilty in medina county. so if this was you being accused and you in jail wouldnt you want people sticking up for you? becuase 85% of the people in jail in medina that was accused of this are innocent! young girls take advantage of the fact that medina automatically finds people guilty no matter how much they have to prove their innocent. the fact that medina has a low murder rate they focus on sex charges. this community has a very messed up court system and unfair trials. pat deserves to go home to his family and live out his life peacefully.

  • youreajoke

    to convict a person of a sexual crime the victim must narrow the time span in witch the crime occurred down to TWO months….so he was home at some point

  • medinacommunity

    yes he was home but not alone with any of these girls..he has children that are home 99% of the time. especially their youngest son. these people were never over unless one of the children were home because they were the childrens friends. this was a setup made by immature girls and a guy that got mad that pat kicked them out of his house for trying to do innapropriate things with his daughter. you dont know the facts so how could you claim hes a rapist? you know nothing about him or his life just the false information your being poisened by from these girls. if you knew pat you would know he was innocent and a good man.

  • Realville

    No matter the upbringing or how a girl looks, sex with a minor is against the law.

  • dirtyshank

    “it wasn’t rape”? what was it then? oh well guess he’s the one who’ll be getting raped now!!

  • Dave

    I have known PJ Shank his entire life,I know his whole family I can honestly say that what he has been convicted of is totally not in his character.There’s no doubt in my mind that these girls portrayed themselves as older than what they were and that they were there to have sex and drink alcohol.I personally know PJ and Darla and they are descent,hard working,productive members of society!PJ’s good name & character will be re-stored at his appeal! GOD BLESS the Shank family…….

  • Friend from the past

    I hate to tell you this but I know the family from the past (more than ten years ago). I know of at least two underage girls who were given alcohol and slept with Pat. I am guessing it would be assault regardless if it was consensual or not because of the girls being minors. No I do not know them now, things may have changed but recidivism rates for this type of behavior are sky high and if he was engaging in underage sex in the past, he probably still is. I do not believe the sleeping pill thing but if it is true then I do not think Darla would allow that to happen to her children. I have always thought of her as a loving mother. Pat is not a bad guy, just has a bad habit that goes back YEARS and someone finally said something and he got caught. Of anyone I feel bad for the kids and Darla who I am sure knew about many of his infidelities but was too embarrassed to say anything and would just deal with it for the sake of her children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002988705668 Molly Santucci

    I know who that girl is and she is a total whore. I posted her face and home address on Facebook so everyone can see her.

  • concerned

    Pat Shank is a good man The young lady accusing him is also someone I know who has not been raised as well. She has been known to use drugs and has multiple sex partners over the years and has always been infatuated with Mr Shank not unlike the other young ladies that accused him of molesting them. I believe they were angry that he was not interested in their advances due to the fact that they were children. These young girls thought and tried to act like they were adults . I feel sorry for them all.

  • A Knowing Victim from the Past

    Just to shed some light on this, being that it has been over five years since the event occurred, I was taken advantage of by Pat Shank. Although I am now 23, married and have two daughters of my own I do recount being sexually coerced by Pat when I was age 14. I was on a vacation with a friend from high school who introduced me to Pat at his home in Ohio, I met him his wife and children. We actually stayed the night at his house and late in the night when everyone was sleeping we were awake talking about his past as a guitarist in the band Filter and getting way too friendly. He began to explain to me how his relationship with his wife had not been good in the past couple years and that he had not had any attention sexually in quite some time. He also reassured me that he had a vasectomy and there would be no chance that I could get pregnant if anything progressed. HIs smooth talk and charisma had me won over and he had his way with me. At the time yes it was consensual and I knew very well what I was doing, but that does not make it right. Shortly after the incident I was ashamed and embarrased leading to a fall out with the friend I took the vacation with. I was young and definitely persuaded by a very skilled offender to commit sexual acts with a man 3 times my age at the time! I was also not intoxicated or throwing myself at this man, he made the moves, played on my vulnerability and took advantage of a situation. I hope he learns from his mistakes and for his daughters sake has an awakening. Pat Shank is wrong for what he has done and needs to admit and come clean.