April 18, 2014

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Man injured, home gutted in Chippewa Lake fire

CHIPPEWA LAKE — A man suffered minor injuries and his pet dog died in a Saturday morning fire that gutted a house at 372 Craggy Creek Drive.

The fire was reported by a neighbor at 8:36 a.m. and firefighters arrived within 10 minutes, Lafayette Township Fire Chief Jeff Hall said.

He said the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

Hall said a man lived alone in the home and was taken to Lodi Hospital with cuts on his feet. He was later released from the hospital, he said.

His dog died in the fire, Hall said.

Hall did not identify the man, but Medina County auditor’s office lists the homeowner as Robert C. Buck III.

Firefighters took about an hour to get the fire under control, it was completely extinguished in about two hours, Hall said.

Hall estimated that the fire caused $200,000 in damage to the white, two-story wood frame home, including property and contents.

The roof over the kitchen and living room collapsed, he said. “There wasn’t one part that didn’t sustain significant damage.”

The county auditor lists the home’s market value for tax purposes at $101,980.

Departments that responded to the fire were Lafayette Township, Seville-Guilford and Westfield Township. The Red Cross also helped out at the scene, he said.

Hall said he has asked for assistance in investigating the fire from the state fire marshal’s office and the Medina County Fire Investigation Task Force.

The task force is comprised of a group of trained firefighters from various Medina County fire departments.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MBNMQI6XN7ZKY2JGJBZFKBKNBI Beth

    10 minutes? Sorry this is not true! I was out running in Buckeye Woods and saw the heavy smoke, I arrived 22 minutes later and beat the fire trucks there. It is just sad that the location of the home combined with the services provided by the county were not a good combo. I am not at all bashing the FD, volunteers, etc., but I was deeply saddened to see this home destroyed. It was a very sad thing to see. Praying for the home owner, no time is a good time for such a loss, but I hope there is a way for his holiday season to still have some joy.

  • Chp Lk

    One thing to keep in mind was when the 911 call was made. Also, need to understand how far along the fire was when that original 911 call came in.

  • LogicalCitizen

    Beth, services provided by the county? Are you aware this is not a county fire department?…..and that there is no county fire department in Medina County! Let me let give you a tip…..all times are public record! Please feel free to go to the Sheriff’s department and make a public record request for all times from this call. You will realize that your 22 minutes may be how long you saw the smoke……but the FD was there within 10 minutes of the call. Why don’t you ask the homeowner why he didn’t call it in sooner….and ask the neighbors how the fire got so big before they saw it and called it in! If you saw it 22 + minutes before the FD arrived on scene….WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL IT IN?????