July 23, 2016

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They’ll be home for Christmas … after work

MEDINA — Aylissa Yonts said she’ll be home for Christmas — but only after making a fat paycheck.

“I like the money,” said Yonts, a clerk at the Stop ’n Go service station on West Liberty Street.

Aylissa Yonts, 19, works Christmas Day at the Stop ’n Go service station on West Liberty Street, Medina. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY DAVID KNOX)

She said she was receiving overtime pay for working on the holiday.

Yonts, 19, of Medina, graduated from Black River High School last year and has worked the service station for about eight months.

It was her first time working on Christmas.

“I don’t mind as long as I get time with my family,” she said. She said she planned to go to her cousin’s home for a belated celebration after finishing work in the afternoon.

Others echoed her reasoning.

Matthew Dick and Glennis Siegfried said they couldn’t resist doubling their wages.

“It’s definitely worth it,” said Dick, who is training to be a photo manager at Walgreens on North Court Street.

Siegfried agreed.

“I can’t ever turn down the pay,” said Siegfried, who works at Family Video on East Smith Road.

Siegfried, 24, of Peninsula, said she didn’t mind working on Christmas because it let her get out of the house, where out-of-town family was visiting.

“I like my family,” she said, “but it’s nice to step away from the insanity at home.”

She was scheduled to get off work at 5 p.m., and her family instructed her to bring home a stack of movies for the evening.

Robin Case, a dispatcher at the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Medina post, said she doesn’t mind working Christmas Day.

“I’ve done it so long it doesn’t really matter, she said. “We had our celebration yesterday.”

Case has been with the highway patrol for 19 years — 12 of them at the Medina post.

With that many years in service, can’t she get out of working the holidays?

“There are still people with higher seniority than me,” she said.

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