July 25, 2016

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More arrests expected in CPS warehouse thefts

MEDINA — Detectives at the Medina County Sheriff’s Office expect to make additional arrests in a case involving more than $61,000 of stolen guitars, music equipment and clothing from a Liverpool Township warehouse.

Stephen C. Bugg

Det. Samo Mernik, of the sheriff’s office, said police have received further tips over the past few days regarding more stolen merchandise from CPS Delivery Systems, which stores items to be delivered to area outlet stores.

“It appears we’ve got some busy fellows, and there are other suspects we’re looking into,” Mernik said Wednesday.

Stephen C. Bugg, 44, of Elyria, was arrested Dec. 20 on one charge of felony theft, accused of helping steal at least 20 electric guitars — each valued between $1,700 and $7,000 — and 25 pairs of shoes or boots, socks and dozens of sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Police have said Bugg was employed at the warehouse.

Additional charges against Bugg are pending, Mernik said.

It is not clear what Bugg did with the merchandise.

“It looks like he got rid of some things, possibly by sale, but mostly gifts,” Mernik said.

Detectives have so far recovered $61,955.29 worth of merchandise during searches of two Lorain County homes — one in Lorain and another in Oberlin, Mernik said. The searches lasted about nine hours over a two-day period last week.

Mernik said other merchandise stored at other locations in Medina and Lorain counties is likely to be found.

“It’s a matter we’re investigating. We’re in the process of pinpointing the items,” he said.

Police initially received a tip a few weeks ago about missing property from managers of the CPS warehouse.

Detectives last week estimated the overall value of stolen merchandise to be near $100,000, but Mernik said that total was prior to the completion of itemizing the property. In addition, police have since been using lower Internet estimates in finalizing cost, he said.

Bugg is being held in the Medina County Jail on $40,000 bond. His case goes before a Medina County grand jury next week, Mernik said.

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