July 24, 2016

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Brunswick district adds new trackable lunch program

BRUNSWICK — Parents with children in Brunswick Schools will soon be able to keep their kids from blowing their lunch money on candy — or anything other than nutritious food.

Starting Jan. 15, the district will unveil a new computerized system for school lunches and breakfasts at each Brunswick cafeteria that allows parents to prepay for student meals by sending money to the school or paying online.

Students can access their account at the register to pay for meals — and only meals.

The money in the account only can be applied to regular and “a la carte” meals, so parents know their money is going only toward lunch or breakfast options.

The system also includes food allergy information.

If a child has a food allergy, parents can notify the school and they can include the allergy into the system.

When the child reaches the cashier, a warning will appear on the screen for the cashier to check the items on the tray to make sure nothing on the tray could triggering an allergic reaction.

In a letter sent home to parents, Karen Becker, Brunswick Schools food service coordinator, said they hope the new system makes the lunch and breakfast lines move faster.

“Every student will have their own personal meal account based on their current student ID number,” she said.

Becker said cafeteria staff can look up a student ID number, but students are encouraged to remember their number.

For parents who want to make payments, they can send money or a check to the school and include the student’s ID number on the check or envelope. Parents can also put money into their student’s account through www.myschoolbucks.com.

The website is secure and allows money to be added into one or more student accounts, tracking of purchase history, reminders of low balances and the establishment of automatic recurring payments. The website should be available the week of Jan. 7.

In addition to processing payments, the system also will securely keep information on free and reduced lunches. The system will process meals the same for all students, including those who receive free and reduced lunches.

For more information, visit www.brunswickschools.org.

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