April 24, 2014

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Medina police want software to track crime

MEDINA — How many burglaries have happened on my street?

City Council’s Finance Committee agreed Monday to subscribe to a Web-based software that will help residents answer that question.

Pat Berarducci

It also will help Medina police better analyze crime data, Chief Patrick Berarducci said.

The software costs $7,500 initially and $18,750 for a five-year subscription. The expense still must be approved during a regular Council meeting.

Berarducci said the software would help the Police Department determine areas where more patrols might be needed, as well as spot trends in crime.

“That’s a big help, when you start to see a trend developing, you can obviously deploy people early on,” he said.

The software, he said, would mark criminal incidents, such as burglaries or car break-ins, on a map of the city, allowing residents to access it. Police would have access to much more detailed data analysis, he said.

“It gives us an ability to be more efficient at what we do,” Berarducci said.

Ward 3 Councilman Mark Kolesar said he wasn’t sure spending money on the software would be worthwhile, because Medina is a fairly low-crime community.

Mayor Dennis Hanwell said the software was a good investment, and it would help the department, which has reduced its staff over the years, “do more with less.”

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  • Patricia

    All of the crime is around public housing. There I just saved you $26,000. These guys already know where they’ve made previous arrests. All this will do is concentrate law enforcement in one area and spread them thin every where else. All of the people who actually pay taxes will have drastically reduced response times and lack safety service when they need it most.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003998430654 Johnny Swift

    I guess this stupid piggy cocksucker never heard of colored pins on a map. You can take a pic once a day and post it online if u want. MPD = stupid filthy pig animals who like to waste tax payer dollars on stupid shit.nnMPD pigs would be better off buying pocket versions of the Constitution so they will learn not to waste tax dollars on arresting that facebook kid. Oh, and did I mention Hooray for the Sandhook Shooter!! He is my hero!!!!”