June 30, 2016

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911 recordings report shots fired into 2 homes in Montville Twp.

UPDATE:911 call reporting Montville shooting

UPDATE: Suspects Mark Bornino and R. Daniel Volpone were arrested on the charge of discharging a firearm on or near a prohibited place, a third-degree felony, according to Terry Grice, Montville Township police chief. An arraignment proceeding took place this morning via video in Medina Municipal Court. The two men are being held at the Medina County Jail.

Mark Bornino

R. Daniel Volpone

MONTVILLE TWP. — Mary Kuruc and her two adult daughters had just left the kitchen when the second bullet came through the wall and ripped into their microwave.

Kuruc’s colonial home at 2907 Parnham Drive was one of two houses hit twice Wednesday afternoon by bullets fired from an AK-47 assault rifle about a third of a mile away, police said.

Police arrested the shooters, who said they were target-practicing.

Kuruc, 55, said it was lucky no one was hit.

“There are usually kids around here,” she said. “Someone could have been hurt. You just don’t expect this to happen on a Wednesday afternoon.”

Montville police Sgt. Matthew Neil agreed.

“If someone had been standing there just seconds longer, they’d have been shot.”

Police arrived at Kuruc’s home at 2:24 p.m. after her daughter, Karrie, 28, alerted police that a bullet pierced their living room wall moments earlier.

Another volley of shots went off after police arrived.

“During the second round of rapid gunfire, an officer reported hearing bullets going over his head and additional 911 calls from both the original calls reported that their houses were being struck again,” Neil said.

Montville Township police seized an AK-47 rifle, handguns and ammunition from the Windfall Road property. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MONTVILLE TWP. POLICE)

A second bullet pierced the same wall in Kuruc’s home and was deflected into the adjoining kitchen, where it was embedded in the microwave.

Neil said the 911 callers were told to go to their basements.

Police confronted the shooters, identified as Mark Bornino, 53, of 5544 Windfall Road, and R. Daniel Volpone, 45, of Parma, just as they were firing a third volley.

“Both men were ordered to the ground and taken into custody,” Neil said.

Neil said Bornino and Volpone had been drinking alcohol but were “nowhere close to the legal limit.”

He said some marijuana also was found.

Bornino and Volpone were arrested on the charge of discharging a firearm in a public place, a Medina County Shieriff’s Office deputy said this morning. They are being held at the Medina County Jail and are awaiting arraignment today in county court.

Police said the pair was firing an AK-47 assault rifle and other guns in Bornino’s backyard at paper targets without a backstop to stop the bullets.

Parnham Drive and Windfall Road are separated by a stretch of woods.

Police said at least one other home on Parnham Drive was struck.

Across the street from Kuruc’s home, two shots pierced walls at 2902 Parnham Drive.

Neil said one of the bullets went through the house, piercing two walls.

A woman was home, but declined to comment.

Police arrested Bornino and Volpone and seized the AK-47 rifle, two high-capacity magazines, and three handguns: a 9 mm, 380-caliber and 22-caliber pistols.

Also seized were 628 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition for the AK-47, and about 100 cartridges for the pistols.

Sarah Weber, 37, a neighbor of Kuruc, said her family didn’t hear the first volley of shots. When police arrived, she and her two children, ages 3 and 6, began to panic.

“We didn’t know what was happening,” said Weber, of 2918 Parnham Drive. “The police told us to get indoors, and then we heard gunshots.”

She and her children watched from windows as police scoured the area to see whether any other homes were hit.

“I didn’t know bullets could go that far and still go through a house,” Weber said.

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