April 16, 2014

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911 recordings report shots fired into 2 homes in Montville Twp.

UPDATE:911 call reporting Montville shooting

UPDATE: Suspects Mark Bornino and R. Daniel Volpone were arrested on the charge of discharging a firearm on or near a prohibited place, a third-degree felony, according to Terry Grice, Montville Township police chief. An arraignment proceeding took place this morning via video in Medina Municipal Court. The two men are being held at the Medina County Jail.

Mark Bornino

R. Daniel Volpone

MONTVILLE TWP. — Mary Kuruc and her two adult daughters had just left the kitchen when the second bullet came through the wall and ripped into their microwave.

Kuruc’s colonial home at 2907 Parnham Drive was one of two houses hit twice Wednesday afternoon by bullets fired from an AK-47 assault rifle about a third of a mile away, police said.

Police arrested the shooters, who said they were target-practicing.

Kuruc, 55, said it was lucky no one was hit.

“There are usually kids around here,” she said. “Someone could have been hurt. You just don’t expect this to happen on a Wednesday afternoon.”

Montville police Sgt. Matthew Neil agreed.

“If someone had been standing there just seconds longer, they’d have been shot.”

Police arrived at Kuruc’s home at 2:24 p.m. after her daughter, Karrie, 28, alerted police that a bullet pierced their living room wall moments earlier.

Another volley of shots went off after police arrived.

“During the second round of rapid gunfire, an officer reported hearing bullets going over his head and additional 911 calls from both the original calls reported that their houses were being struck again,” Neil said.

Montville Township police seized an AK-47 rifle, handguns and ammunition from the Windfall Road property. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MONTVILLE TWP. POLICE)

A second bullet pierced the same wall in Kuruc’s home and was deflected into the adjoining kitchen, where it was embedded in the microwave.

Neil said the 911 callers were told to go to their basements.

Police confronted the shooters, identified as Mark Bornino, 53, of 5544 Windfall Road, and R. Daniel Volpone, 45, of Parma, just as they were firing a third volley.

“Both men were ordered to the ground and taken into custody,” Neil said.

Neil said Bornino and Volpone had been drinking alcohol but were “nowhere close to the legal limit.”

He said some marijuana also was found.

Bornino and Volpone were arrested on the charge of discharging a firearm in a public place, a Medina County Shieriff’s Office deputy said this morning. They are being held at the Medina County Jail and are awaiting arraignment today in county court.

Police said the pair was firing an AK-47 assault rifle and other guns in Bornino’s backyard at paper targets without a backstop to stop the bullets.

Parnham Drive and Windfall Road are separated by a stretch of woods.

Police said at least one other home on Parnham Drive was struck.

Across the street from Kuruc’s home, two shots pierced walls at 2902 Parnham Drive.

Neil said one of the bullets went through the house, piercing two walls.

A woman was home, but declined to comment.

Police arrested Bornino and Volpone and seized the AK-47 rifle, two high-capacity magazines, and three handguns: a 9 mm, 380-caliber and 22-caliber pistols.

Also seized were 628 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition for the AK-47, and about 100 cartridges for the pistols.

Sarah Weber, 37, a neighbor of Kuruc, said her family didn’t hear the first volley of shots. When police arrived, she and her two children, ages 3 and 6, began to panic.

“We didn’t know what was happening,” said Weber, of 2918 Parnham Drive. “The police told us to get indoors, and then we heard gunshots.”

She and her children watched from windows as police scoured the area to see whether any other homes were hit.

“I didn’t know bullets could go that far and still go through a house,” Weber said.

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  • BereaBrave

    I had an idiot put a deer slug into a tree about three foot above my head shooting across my ravine. People have to be aware of what backs up to what and how far a projectile will travel, when in doubt, don’t shoot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.castillo.71 Sherry Castillo

    We also live in Montville Township and have neighbors that shoot off their guns and assault rifles all the time without a target. Have called numerous times to Montville Police and been told that it’s not illegal to fire guns in the township. When is the township going to wake up and stop this before someone is seriously hurt or killed??

  • Chick Velotta

    @Sherry…You were given correct information. It is NOT illegal to discharge a firearm in the Township (an unincorporated area) as long as you have a PROPER BACKSTOP and the projectile DOES NOT LEAVE YOUR PROPERTY. According to the article, these men violated both stipulations. Is it really an issue of the Township “waking up” or placing liberal restrictions on what people can and can’t do based on the idiotic actions of one or two lawbreakers? The real issue here, just like on the national level, is legal, responsible gun ownership and accountability for your actions. Additionally, factor in more illegalities, such as drugs and alcohol, and hence, this result. New laws or Twp. ordinances simply prohibiting the act of shooting won’t stop this type of irresponsible, illegal behavior. A blanket punishment for all is not the answer. While I truly respect your concern for your safety, lets consider the real issue and hope that the legal system follows through and punishes these two as deserved, to include a conviction and federal restrictions on ever being able to own or possess another firearm…LEGALLY. Kudos to the officers for the quick response and apprehension of two knuckle-headed criminals.

  • ack1124

    Townships cannot legislate firearms restrictions. These laws fall under the ” Ohio Revised Code”. The state has to change the law to give townships the authority to put restrictions on the use of firearms in townships.

  • Mike Reidy

    Responding to Mr. Velotta. My bet is “these two knuckleheaded criminals” did NOT appear to be idiots to the store owner at the time of their purchase. Up until the time they performed this incredibly stupid act, they WERE “legal, responsible gun owners.” A blanket prohibition of assault rifles and also a blanket prohibition of shooting within township boundaries IS the way to go. If the idiots did not possess the weapons in the first place, that WOULD have prevented “this type of irresponsible, illegal behavior.” Mike Reidy

  • Chick Velotta

    Mr. Reidy, I will agree with you that the “store owner”, (assuming a legal purchase with FFL paperwork from a gun dealer was actually made) had no reason to deny them the sale of these firearms. I never accused them of being anything PRIOR to their crime. I never called them idiots. They may have been legal to purchase the firearms, but you assumed that they were ever “responsible”. Your blanket theory basically says that the best way to curtail automobile crashes is to never let anyone have cars in the first place. Lets stop obesity by banning all the food, right? Mike, if the same two guys had done the same exact thing with a bolt action, 5 round, wooden stocked hunting rifle of the same or similar caliber, we would be looking at the same result. Don’t throw the assault rifle thing into this, because the truth is, neither the type of rifle or the magazine capacity had anything to do with the end result in this particular incident. It WAS irresponsible, illegal, and by no means represents the actions or decisions of the vast majority of responsible gun owners and shooting enthusiasts. Prevention of “this type of irresponsible, illegal behavior” is as simple as some good old-fashioned common sense and respect for the safety of others, as well as the law. As far as changing the law, call your state representative.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.bratton.18 Matthew Bratton

    I wouldn’t want to be a law officer that has to answer calls regarding assault rifles. Let alone pinheads that are drinking. Why does ATF stand for Alcohol Tobacco Firearms? Three things that can kill you. Just pondering why they are all tied together in one agency. Ah life in The United States of America.!

  • Holden Wallace

    Unfortunately, common sense is lost among a large portion of the population. Therefore, we have to treat them as children and prevent them from having “toys” that they will most likely harm themselves, or even worse, somebody else with. We can’t rely on “old-fashioned common sense and respect for the safety of others”.

  • magdalenadelaide

    And I thought it was bad enough to have to merely listen to hours of backyard shooting from one particular house in Montville township. And I live within city limits.

  • Not Surprised

    Ignorant hillbillies…

  • Clark Richardson

    Chick, I support responsible gun rights as well and I have experience with a a variety of firearms. We used large capacity clips to put a high volume of ordnance into a specific area in a short period of time when we need too kill someone, and don’t have the luxury of a sighted shot. I understand your comment about a single bolt however Jethro and Jughead would have had a much lower probability of putting that round through Mrs. Kuruc’s microwave with a single bolt shot at 900 meters vs. a multi-round burst fired in the same period of time. nnI also understand your example about the risk of driving but when I enter the public roads I understand that risk. I don’t feel that my children should go outside in Montville to play with the understanding that they may be shot by a neighbor firing a military weapon.nnI’m about ready to dump my NRA membership because I’m becoming embarrassed to be associated with the current all or nothing stance over Assault’s. I not allowed to own or discharge a TOW missile but that does not mean I fear that my sensible firearms are going to be taken away.nnThanks…

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.bratton.18 Matthew Bratton

    I remember back mid 90′s some guy got killed during hunting season in his yard. His pregnant wife saw the whole thing happen. I wonder if they ever caught the person(s). If I recall it was off of Weymouth Road. A stray bullet can travel a long distance with lethal results. Too much freedom of everything -too many muttonheads!