June 27, 2016

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Cat stuck in Medina tree rescued by neighbor

MEDINA — A calico cat stuck for days in a city neighborhood tree has been rescued.

Needy meows were heard since Wednesday by neighbors on the 1100 block of Brandywine Drive, where the cat had been stuck about 100 feet up in the branches of the tree.

Gretchen Weber holds a rescued cat today in her home. The cat spent multiple days stuck in a tree on Weber's property at 1099 Brandywine Drive. (COURTESY PHOTO)

But Jeffrey Bumbulis, the owner of Treemasters Tree Service, was able to save the feline about 11 a.m. today, according to Dale Weber, of 1099 Brandywine Drive, the property where the cat was trapped. Bumbulis resides at 1105 Brandywine.

“He risked harm and injury to go up 80 feet for the cat. It’s fantastic,” Weber said this morning.

Weber reported the cat was eating some food in the home around lunchtime today and seemed to be doing OK. He said the cat appeared a little disoriented from the ordeal.

Dale Weber’s wife, Gretchen, said she was out with her dogs when she first heard the cries earlier this week.

“I thought it was my neighbor’s cat,” Weber said. “My first thought was he got hit by a car or something.”

When she saw the cat was in a tree, Weber contacted the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Executive Director Stephanie Moore said the SPCA receives three or four similar calls per year, and usually they resolve themselves within a week. She said people can try to coax cats down with food or a litter box, but it’s ultimately up to the cat.

“Most of them will come down on their own,” she said. “The cat either comes down or it doesn’t.”

Reporter Steve Grazier contributed information to this story.

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