April 16, 2014

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Ironworkers picket at Fenn, Pearl roads in Medina Twp.

MEDINA TWP. — Union pickets were out Thursday morning at a construction site at Fenn and Pearl roads.

Members of Ironworkers Local 17 picket a construction site operated by Star Builders at Fenn and Pearl roads on Thursday morning in Medina Township. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY LOREN GENSON)

At mid-afternoon, about 20 members of the Ironworkers Local 17 stood and carried signs outside the Star Builders construction project at the Pat O’Brien Chevrolet dealership.

“We’re out there trying to bring light to the substandard wages and benefits that Star Builders will be paying their workers,” said Tim McCarthy, business manager for Ironworkers Local 17.

“We’re out to protect middle-class wages for all laborers,” he said. “We take that very seriously.”

A representative of Amherst-based Star Builders did not return calls asking for comment Thursday.

Local 17 includes about 1,600 members in 10 Northeast Ohio counties, including Medina and Cuyahoga. The union is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

  • support local business

    Funny how the Unions are laid off and have no work, I bet the Star builders are glad to be working on a large project and supporting their families.

  • Lovemyjob

    That’s funny you say 20 since I only saw 8 there.

  • buzzards27

    Dude, you think every one of those 20 picketers was standing there all day waiting for you to drive by? Ppl rotate in and out over the course of the day. rnrnAs to the other comment, when workers are paid a decent wage they spend that money on their family. When an employer pay substandard wages they have less to spend in local shops while the employer has more to bank and take it out of the local economy.

  • Real American

    As a former UAW member I have try to have sympathy and solidarity with my fellow Union workers like the Trade Unions, Teamsters, Firefighters and Police and even Teachers. However, when I see many of them get into cars made by non-union workers I wonder are they really true Union members or only the whats in it for me. The biggest Unions now are the Government Unions and that group has no solidarity with the labor Unions that fought for the American worker. Donu2019t believe me drive past any school or city hall and see what kind of cars are parked there. The twenty-first century needs a new kind of labor leadership. Gone is total adversarial relationships between company and labor. How about the Government stops both Corporate welfare and free hand outs to the lazy. What if our Government protected the American worker. A living wage for all willing to work. Protection from foreign dumping and unfair trade practices.