March 2, 2015

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Cash, cell phones stolen from Wadsworth RadioShack

WADSWORTH — Police are looking for two men involved in a Monday afternoon theft at RadioShack consisting of money and cell phones.

The men had their hands in their coat pockets and no weapons were seen, according to Lt. Rob Wyrick, of the Wadsworth Police Department.

“There were no weapons displayed … during the theft or a threat of violence,” Wyrick said today.

The amount of money taken is not being released by police, Wyrick said.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, we’re not releasing the amount of money stolen,” the lieutenant said.

However, Wyrick said the estimated loss of the cell phones totaled $1,795.

Police continue to investigate the case, and no arrests have been made, Wyrick said.

Wyrick said both men were black. One has gold teeth and was 6 feet, 5 inches, about 30 years old, and wore a black, puffy coat, blue jeans and sneakers. The other man was listed at 5-feet, 9 inches, 30 years old and wore a lighter black coat.

A RadioShack manager said she wasn’t allowed to comment.

RadioShack, 1154 Hinkle Drive, sells electronics such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptop computers, cameras and televisions.

Anyone with information is asked to call Wadsworth police at (330) 334-1511.