April 16, 2014

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Former OSU coach Jim Tressel to speak at Leadership breakfast

MEDINA TWP. — Former Ohio State University coach Jim Tressel will share leadership tips during a breakfast later this month hosted by Leadership Medina County.

Jim Tressel speaks at an Ohio State Media day. (GAZETTE FILE PHOTO)

Tressel, who serves as vice president of strategic engagement for the University of Akron, will be the keynote speaker at Leadership’s awareness breakfast Feb. 28.

The breakfast starts 7:30 a.m. at Weymouth Grand Ballroom, 3946 Weymouth Road. The event is also an opportunity to learn more about Leadership’s activities, said Lucy Sondles, the group’s executive director.

“It’s a great way to find out about our program, and we’re recruiting members for the class of 2014,” Sondles said.

Leadership Medina County is a nonprofit organization that works to develop strong, talented local leaders. The group works with adults and teens. Each year in June, 40 adult members are selected to attend classes one day a month September through May.

Classes include hands-on experience, site visits, opportunities for discussions with key leaders and class members, and insights into leadership competencies.

Leadership alumni will be on hand to share their experiences and answer questions. Sondles said the breakfast isn’t solely aimed at recruiting new members.

“Even if you just want to join us and see Jim Tressel, that’s great,” she said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Staursky/1319378728 George Staursky

    Perhaps he can discuss his upcoming book on his ethics, or lack there of! Disgusting how this man destroyed Norma McGil to protect Maurice Clarret and the public makes a hero out of him!

  • Buffalo

    He will share leadership tips… such as how to cover things up, flat out deny them, or just plain lie about whatever happens to keep your precious program going – right Jim? Does ANY other company/entity in the universe have a “vice president of strategic engagement?” What does that “title” even mean? A BS position (no, not Bachelor of Sciene – the other BS!) created for a person who doesn’t deserve a paycheck. Too bad – I’d rather not have this clown within 5 miles of my house.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Staursky/1319378728 George Staursky

    Thank you buffalo. Look up my blog post, Jim Tressel, bigotry of silence.

  • Buffalo

    George – It’s not surprising, but it’s definitely unfortunate that he got away with what he did. How he can be paraded around as an upstanding citizen both confuses and irritates me; he never stood up to his misbehaving players to tell them they were wrong or to teach them a lesson. He could have easily wielded his immense power to discipline the members of his team and prove to everyone that he was beyond reproach. He could have treated people with the respect they deserved and sided with those who were simply doing their job – doing what they were instructed to do, doing what was right. Instead, he caved to the pressures and luxuries of being a D-1 football coach. Maybe the “strategic engagement” title he now carries refers to his platform of “strategically” resting on his laurels while others handle his dirty work. He is a classless coward and it’s truly pathetic that he is “employed” by an institution such as UA.

  • thatsright23

    How do you equate being fired with getting away with what he did? You must a be a real saint.