April 19, 2014


Passers-by on I-71 condemn return of church’s billboard

One of the first signs in Medina County to greet motorists headed south on Interstate 71 reads: “Homosexuality is a sin, but Christ can set you free.”

The billboard at the edge of the Southwest Baptist Church property line also has lights so it can be seen at night in Brunswick Hills Township.

Southwest Baptist Church in Brunswick Hills Township displays a message on a billboard facing Interstate 71 south. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY LOREN GENSON)

“I was driving home from work Friday and I saw it and I just couldn’t believe it,” said Michele Benjamin, who commutes from her Medina home to Cleveland where she works as a psychiatric nurse. Benjamin said she recalled the sign was put up by the church two years ago and was surprised to see it back again.

“I see a lot of kids who are suicidal and they end up at my work because they’ve been bullied for being gay,” she said. “I thought, this is just another thing for them to have to see.”

The Rev. Greg Davis said he knows the sign makes people angry, but it was put up by his church in an attempt to be honest about what his church believes. In a sermon delivered to the congregation a few weeks ago, Davis warned his members the sign would go back up.

“I want to apologize to the homosexual crowd. Let me say first I want to apologize for our Christian brothers and sisters that would call names or treat you angrily,” he said.

“I also want to apologize for some other Christian brothers of mine that have said, ‘Well, your lifestyle is not sinful and not only will we welcome you into our church we will ordain you as our pastor or preacher.’ There has not been a healthy balance of both truth and love.”

But Benjamin scoffed at the idea Davis and his church are approaching the topic in a loving way.

“It has nothing to do with love,” she said. “Go feed people, go clothe people, take care of people who are dying. There are so many ways to love people. Pointing a finger at people makes them feel worse.”

Benjamin posted a photo of the billboard on her Facebook page and more than 150 comments have been added from local residents and other friends.

Benjamin’s husband, Mark Kuhar, wrote a letter to Davis, and Benjamin encouraged people on Facebook to do the same.

In Kuhar’s letter, he tells Davis that he is standing on the wrong side of history and civil rights.

“I am quite certain that if Jesus were to drive down I-71 and see your sign, he would detour over to your house of horrors, and you would be called on the carpet for your egotistical campaign to demonize others.”

Davis said he often gets letters and phone calls from residents about the church sign, which has carried other messages, such as against abortion.

When the homosexuality message went up last time, an online petition against the billboard earned more than 300 signatures.

“I got an email every time there was a new signature,” Davis said.

Southwest Baptist Church even has a section of its website devoted to explaining the sign on I-71, and Davis said he expected a backlash. He said he’s willing to talk to people who call him about the sign and thinks he’s misunderstood.

“We’re not saying it because it’s popular or unpopular. You can speak out against sin and still be loving,” he said.

But Benjamin said while the sign is hurtful to gay friends and community members, she also worries the sign damages Medina County and Brunswick Hills’ reputation.

“I think you can be a more welcoming community than to make people feel like they’re an outcast,” Benjamin said.

Brunswick Hills Township Trustee Michael Esber said trustees received calls from residents concerned about the sign in the past, and he expects more again now that it’s back up. He said while the township disapproves, there’s not much they can do.

“We’ve asked the church not to do it, but they have a First Amendment right to put (the sign) there,” he said.

Esber said trustees will ask the church again to take the sign down, but added it’s disappointing it went up in the first place.

“You’re a church, why are you throwing out venom?” Esber said.

“You’re supposed to be wanting people to forgive each other. It’s just sad.”

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  • m.l.nails

    the truth is the truth so people should get over themselves. there are so many other things to fret about–gas prices-drugs-senior citizens not eating right because of high prices-child abuse–all things that really things to worry about. the bible states that man was created for woman–not man for man=woman for woman. he had procreation in mind not perverted recreation.

  • Marsaili

    They are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church freaks. Hate is hate.

  • Roger

    It’s really hard to believe in this time of violence and hatred that ofn all things a church would put up a sign that promotes these actions. I nwas always in belief that the church and the bible teaches love, nkindness, forgiveness and that we are not to judge other people. What nkind of message is your church sending ? You should be ashamed of nspreading your beliefs through the church. The church is supposed to be an place of peace and forgiveness and you are using it to demoralize npeople I think God will be judging you. For any church that promotes njudging other is not a church of god. You want to pick out quotes pleasen read all the bible I think you will find plenty of verses concerning njudgement, loving your neighbor, nowhere in the bible have I read that ndemoralizing and degrading others for there lifestyle is the work of ngods house. If this was the case please look at all the straight sinnersn and post all the commandments on your sign that are not followed by then straight community instead of judging a lifestyle you apparently know nnothing about. I’m not sure you will have enough room on your sign. nnI feel sorry for you to be so narrow minded and teaching the word of God, God will judge your beliefs in the end.

  • Concerned

    This church is right and those that believe just because we have hunger, drugs, high prices, job loss and you find that this somehow negates the sin of homosexuality, you are just enablers. Silly comments like, “we’re on the wrong side of civil rights”, what a joke this is. It is not about hate, stop the foolishness and name calling of hate. Just because this pastor says the bible is against homosexuality does not mean we hate people. Your explanation is no different than a man or woman walking by a burning building and doing nothing. These folks are going to the hell that the bible speaks of and we are trying to stop that terrible thing from happening. This is the issue at hand, we that believe in God and believe in Heaven and Hell are trying to help people. Your bashing of this church and using every excuse in the book as to why we are not to warn people is because of one of two things, either you don’t believe in God or you don’t believe the bible and that is the only stance you should take. If you do believe in God and you do believe the bible and you are finding a reason why this pastor and church should not be trying to save people from Hell, then you have a bad interpretation of what the bible is stating. I will say what I have said many times, judging is supposed to happen by Christian folks, what is not supposed to happen is that we act as if were God and were doing the condemning. You need to understand the bible in its original language to know that the scripture that so many try to us as to why we are not supposed to judge in not saying what you think it is. It is telling us that we are not to be acting as if we have no sin, acting as if we are the ones that are deciding their fate and we are not to inform people of their sin in anything other than a loving concern. Do you choose to not inform you children when they are doing something harmful and if you do inform them of these things, do you condemn yourselves and say you are not to judge and that it is hateful. Friends its no different in what we are to do as Christians, if you stand idly by and watch someone live this life in a way that will lead them to Hell, shame on you.

  • Concerned

    You are wrong my friend. Who are you to know this is a hateful message. You do need to read your bible and you will find all throughout the bible there are people to include the Lord that point out sin when it is happening. The difference here that makes it a big deal is that people of purposely living in this sin. It is not an accident that happens, they are doing it daily and know this. How is it that you don’t know that because of the love for people this message is being relayed. Let me ask you a question, do you not correct your children? When you do, is it because you hate them or you know their actions will lead to something worse for them in the future? Stop condemning a church just because they point out sin. When these folks that are committing sin and knowingly die in sin are setting in Hell, how then will you feel about it. We need to stop this passiveness that you seem to want and get down to business of what God expects and the results if we do not adhere to his holy book.

  • Denise

    Do you know how many things we all do on a daily basis is considered a sin. We are all sinners. Pinpointing is not necessary. God is our only judge, not you.

  • Edie lynn

    It is called freedom of speech. You or I may not agree with what they put up there, but they have a right to put it there. Just like you have the right to call them racist, and haters..I personally do not agree with the sign, I was raised to love your brothers and sisters and treat them kind, and let them answer to their maker. Being a good christian is not putting people down, or telling them they are sinners. It’s loving them through whatever you/society thinks is wrong, and show them that god does love you not matter what, who or how you believe.

  • Roger

    Well my friend your message of knowing who God is going to send to hell is just the sign of ignorance, I am a christian and apparently the God I believe in is a loving god and forgives everyone of there sins not just straight people. Being homosexual is not a choice you are born that way. If you don’t believe this then you need to do your research before you judge other people. You seem to preach what God expects, you interpret the bible to suit your needs how sad.

  • passingnojudgement

    As the Bible states, ” Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”‘, or “Judge not lest ye be judged”. Maybe the church feels these verses don’t apply to them.

  • concerned

    That is absolutely true but again I will tell you that the bible clearly states that we are our brothers keepers. I am not judging, I am pointing out what God says homosexuality is and what it leads to, that being an eternity in Hell. In the original language of Greek, the scripture that you are using as a defense here, the judging thing does not mean in anyway that we are not to point out the sin, that is not judging. You are correct in that God will be the judge, we by acknowledging and speaking about homosexuality are only repeating Gods word and that is the truth as God stated it to be. Why do you and some folks like you think it is ok to actively watch someone on the road to Hell and do nothing about it. Now if you don’t believe in Hell and don’t believe in the bible then this conversation is futile but if you do let me ask you, would you stand by and watch your children or loved one do things that are going to send them to Hell or would you talk to them about it in hopes that it would lead to some change. I stated in an earlier that the difference here is that these people are living in knowledge of their sin daily and that in many cases is different than the fact that we are all sinners, no it doesn’t change it in Gods eyes nor will it keep you from Hell but the daily sin that we commit as Christians that you speak of, we ask God for forgiveness and guiding out of that sin, where as the homosexual goes home and continues the sin. When this happens, no forgiveness is given by God and if they die that way, eternity is spent in Hell. I say this not to be mean or nasty but too many people like to speak on issues of the bible and do not have any understanding or more importantly education on what they are speaking on. I am a pastor and I am truly concerned about our lack luster approach to God these days. What I’m trying to say is many of us have either got a education via schooling or on the job training to consider ourselves and expert in the field. I believe that is no different when it comes to Gods word and yet many people what to speak as “counselors” on these subjects as if they know what they are speaking about as experts. You would not accept a novice coming to your place of business and tell you how to do things and this has been my concerted effort over the last so many years, to get people to understand that just because you read the bible a couple of times does not make an expert of you. My epiphany was when I finally got my education and learned that the original Hebrew and Greek language makes a huge difference in our understanding of scripture. God will do the judging yes, but we were left here not to judge idly walk around letting people slip into hell and knowingly do so under the curtain of the word “love”. Sometimes love hurts, we call it “tough love” and tough love is no where more needed than in the area of our eternal salvation. I want to see as many folks in Heaven as possible. i will say this to end this because I have rambled on here. I don’t know any of those folks from this church and yes you can in fact do what I’m saying in the wrong fashion. If it is being done in any other way other than for the love of those folks, then they are wrong. I love all just as Jesus instructed me to do and I wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone but I will tell anyone the truth and I don’t believe the truth should only be told if asked. When it comes to Gods word, I am charged to speak it without being asked and that is not judging according to the word of God. God bless you Denise.

  • concerned

    This is not scripture you speak about, this is you own personal belief. You can not find that in one book of the bible where it says, “live and let live” which is what your stating here. As a Christian we are to be our brothers keepers and yes we are to point out sin, its states that in the bible, which is our only guideline as a Christian. You are not loving them through there wrong by showing them love, you are letting them live this life and then head straight to Hell. I’m sorry but that is a fact according to the word of God. We are not here on the earth to be enablers and that is what you describe above my friend. The “Great Commission” which is the job that Jesus left us here to do states we are to be fishers of men, not releasers of men. You are releasing them back into there sin every time you love them and don’t tell them they are in trouble of losing the promise of a life eternal with God if they choose to continue in that life of sin. Yes I know all commit sin but those that live in it purposely and do not ask for forgiveness and turn the other way are those that are lost to Hell.

  • bullwinkle77

    Would anybody be so upset if the sign said “Sex without marriage is a sin.”? I don’t think so. Because they are only stating what it says in the bible. Just like if the sign said, murder is a sin or stealing is a sin. I recently voted to approve same sex marriages b/c I truly believe in separation of church and state. If two people want to be legally acknowledged as married & feel they deserve the same legal rights as any other couple, then let them. But just like I support a gay couple allowing to be married, I support this church’s right to have a sign about what it says in the bible. They are welcoming homosexuals to come in and see what they are about. Swearing is a sin, but I have never been told God hates me for it, just that is a sin & I need to be forgiven.

  • concerned

    I may or may not believe that a homosexual is born that way but lets say for the sake of argument that I agree with that for this purpose. This being said then, we are all born as sinners. Homosexuality is no different than any of the other sins that we commit as far as it keeping us from Heaven but we are told in scripture that we are to turned from our sinful ways or we will not receive this forgiveness that you speak of. You tell me what scripture you read that tells you that God will just forgives everyone. I’m not speaking about straight or gay but everyone as you state in your own words above. For a sin to be forgiven, you must repent and turn from it and that is scripture. How is do you see my interpretation a means to suit me, me talking about homosexuality sending someone to hell has nothing beneficial to me other than maybe getting another person into heaven if they repent. I don’t get a bonus for each soul that is saved. On a side not, I find it interesting as always that those of us that preach against homosexuality are called the haters and name callers as you also stated in your initial post, yet you call me ignorant. I have a masters degree in pastoral counseling among other degrees in religious education, I am not ignorant. I explained in some of my other posts that this is the problem in that many novices in religious studies act as if they are experts. I obviously don’t know this about you sir but it is an issue. If you do not understand the original languages of Hebrew and Greek, then you will make many misinterpretations of scripture. The words that you speak in your posts come from either someone telling you those things and you took them as gospel, no pun intended or you are reading part of the bible and not pointing all scripture when it comes to this subject together and that is the sad part, not by interpretations.

  • concerned

    Ezekiel 3:17-19nn17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. 18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

  • CanisLupusArctos

    All you forget that the bible was written by MAN. oh sure you will say,n ‘through god’. and I think Jesus was a nice Jewish carpenter boy…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULCBKHYIQ54F7RBU7L6S5O5F4I M

    Mz Benjamin, you have job security in handling the kids issues (of being bullied), and the church has their way. But you miss the point. See, if they choose not to be homosexual – and it IS a choice, they won’t be bullied. But we all choose the sins we partake in. Whether it is lying, stealing, adultery, lust, premarital sex, glutony, alcohol, drugs, or homosexuality, we CHOOSE.nnnAnd in the end, we will answer to the Lord for it. Unless you don’t believe in him. Then you CHOICE has been made as to who you will answer to. Would you rather satan or err on the side on the One who loves you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULCBKHYIQ54F7RBU7L6S5O5F4I M

    First, the church is comprised of hurting sinners. None of them are perfect.nnnSecond, where exactly is this church promoting violence and hatred? I must need my glasses to read the small print that says “go out and beat and hate homosexuals”. See, you Roger are saying it says that – it doesn’t. nnnnIf the sign changed “homosexuals” to liar, thief, adulterer, drunk, etc would you have had such an issue?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULCBKHYIQ54F7RBU7L6S5O5F4I M

    bullwinkle, I’m confused. You are right about saying if the sign said murder or stealing… but then you voted to approve same sex marriages? You seem to be contradicting yourself… or well, you make a good point but then go to mute it.nnnSadly, the majority stayed silent on same sex marriages, so the minority pushing for and wanting it got it passed. Christians failed in taking the stance God has. I voted no based on His word.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULCBKHYIQ54F7RBU7L6S5O5F4I M

    So exactly how do you expect the church to let them know it is a sin and there is a choice – homosexuality or saving thru Christ? Sure, it got the homosexual and the “supporters” attention, and it showed them another choice they can make.nTell me, if it said “pedophilia” or “rape” or “beastiality” would you be offended, or agree with it?nnnSin is sin. I’ll go back to the ones I choose and live now.

  • Billy

    I wonder how “concerned”, or anyone who believes this, would react if their child turned out to be a homosexual… or can that not happen in a “good god fearing family”…

  • concerned

    Interesting that you don’t down vote the scripture that passingnojudgement quotes but you wish to down vote the scripture the I quote. You cannot like some and hate the other, the bible is meant as an all in or nothing thing.

  • concerned

    I would be concerned and if you are insinuating that I would not continue to preach against the sin of homosexuality, you would be wrong. Before you say, how do you know that, let me give you a little knowledge here. I have a daughter whom conceived out of wedlock and I preach just as hard today about that from my pulpit as I did before it happened. I am a preacher whom believes that you are to preach all of the Holy Bible and not just part of it and I stand first and convicted on that knowledge whether it be my loved ones directly or the ones that God directs me to love. What part of my writing here did you not understand. I said I will inform people of the sin of homosexuality to keep them from dying and going to Hell as the Bible states and I meant that, I am CONCERNED, it is my calling and like many folks have made a JUDGEMENT call on this church and their motives, it should not be done unless you directly know the pastor and his church nor should we go as far to nameplate those of us that do not agree with homosexuality as haters and bullies.

  • Thomas

    @ “M” must stand for moron. Do some fucking research before spouting bullshit. homosexuality is not a choice, neither is heterosexuality. the se uap desires you feel for someone is genetic. I’m straight, by your logic I could choose to be gay? Look up the study from Stanford showing without a doubt homosexuality is at least partly genetic. It was a study on twins.

  • concerned

    Your study at Stanford U. does not supersede the bible and the bible states itu2019s a choice. You may be one that does not believe the bible and thatu2019s your choice but we choose to believe it the same as younchoose to believe this study from Stanford.nnSecondly, it is with no merit that a person will discuss or take your opinion when you lower you standards to name calling and cursing at someone that you do not even know. I donu2019t known him either but even those that you disagree with should not be subjected to such abuse my friend.nnnnAlso, no matter what this so called study says, it is a physical impossibility to prove “without a doubt” a persons feelings and inner thoughts, feelings and thoughts are not a genetic compound and that is straight from a medical study too.

  • Chrissy

    Are people insane!!!! The lord don’t judge us why are we judging us??? who cares if someone is homosexual it’s my decision to be heterosexual it’s their decision not to be. Its not for us to judge..

  • Jewsus

    The only references to homosexuality in the Bible are from Paul, not Jesus. Jesus didn’t say a single word about homosexuality. The other references are from the Torah. If you want help interpreting the Torah, ask one of the chosen ones, not a Christian who ripped off half of their holy book from the Jewish people. By the way, you are also going to hell if you eat shellfish or wear clothing made of different materials. Oh, and go get some slaves because that’s OK too according to the “bible”.

  • concerned

    Ever heard of judgment day, who do you thinks is doing that? Chrissy you better do some re-reading of the bible of just some reading of the bible because the Lord is surely gonna judge you. Please explain to me where you got the idea that the Lord don’t judge us, please quote that scripture for me, you are lost sister.

  • concerned

    Again as in most cases, uneducated in the bible. This is the same old spew that a non believer throws out all the time. You’ve obviously read some of it or all of it but you have no understanding. The bible was penned by man but dictated by the Holy Spirit but I’m sure you don’t believe that from your earlier statements so its a mute point here. By the way, although your quoting of shell fish and clothing show your knowledge of some words you read, the only folks that go to Hell are those that do not repent and trust Christ.

  • Robert McClain

    Religion poisons everything it touches, from the Crusades to the Catholic sex scandal to the Lutherans enabling Hitler pre-WWII to the Westboro Baptist soldier nonsense. Raise your children to seek truth somewhere besides the books written to control and confine people (Torah, Bible, Quaran, etc) and within minds of enslaved by dogma.nnnSpeak out against intolerance, but respect this church’s rights to use the 1st Amendment in the most disgusting way possible. I wonder how they might take it if the house across the street from them raised a sign to say Pastor Greg Davis of SBC is a fraud, a liar and a drunk? Or that the Baptist Faith helped promote and extend slavery and civil rights oppression? nnnSee, I’m never going to hide behind a screen name. You can find my writing in the Post and online, and I’m proud to be affiliated with what I say.

  • concerned

    You would be wrong Robert. Religion has not poisoned everything it has touched. You may know your history and yes people have done terrible things under the name of Christian but that does not mean you just stop and condemn all the good God fearing Christians. Its nice you name the ones that have done wrong but what about all that have done great things in the name of Christ. People all over this world have done negative things under the umbrella of different things and that does not mean we condemn all, that is called stereotyping and has no logical sense in it. nnnYour statement about the pastor show no purpose either, if he were a fraud, liar and drunk then he should be exposed so that he did not lead people under a false pretense but he pointing out homosexuality as a sin, is the truth. nnnIt has been extended on this discussion this morning by another that the problem here is the difference between what some see as ok and what other do not. Are you tolerant of all people and their actions, I would like to suggest your not and furthermore, by what or who’s authority do you make your judgement of morality on? nnnSir, you live in country where the bible and Gods word was what our laws and morality are based on and it’s a shame that we are no okaying what is directly an immoral act not intolerance.

  • unconcerned

    Hey Concerned, Sounds like you need a history lesson. This country was not founded on any biblical or god’s laws. The Treaty of Tripoli specifically spells that out in 1797 – “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, nfounded on the Christian religion,u2014as it has in itself no character of nenmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],u2014and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan]n nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from nreligious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony nexisting between the two countries.”nnMost of the framers of the Constitution were atheistic in their views on religion and those that weren’t would be ashamed of the religious people in this nation. Christianity = Bigotry, hatefulness, close minded beliefs, low IQ & violence.

  • james

    ***BREAKING NEWS*** The Bible is pretend.

  • dogeatdog123

    So, all you Bible beaters want to try and use scripture to defend your homophobic view. Then you have to go all in on the Bible. The Bible speaks with approval about slavery. Are you willing to admit you are pro-slavery? It speaks withn approval about the subjugation of women and division of the races. Are you willing to go on record that you believe races should be separate and women are second-class citizens? It forbids divorce and proscribes the death penalty for adultery. State for the record, right here, right now, that anyone who gets a divorce is not worthy of heaven those who commit adultery must be put to death. Admit it right now, or stand with your hypocrisy in front of everyone. Then Bible has not changed. What has changed is our conscience. We find it nunconscionable to own other people and to deny rights based on gender orn race. We find it unreasonable to say that women or people of different nraces deserve harsher treatment in society. We understand that it is nsometimes best for a marriage to end and partners to go their separate nways. We understand that sexual infidelity, while harmful and painful, nis not an infraction worthy of death. The Bible was written for a time thousands of years ago when life was different. The human race is moving forward, and you can move with it, or risk becoming “left behind.”

  • dogeatdog123

    What is the punishment for judge not lest ye be judged? Should we stone you or put out your eyes? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

  • james

    Here are some more bizarre and irrelevant tidbits from the Bible, for those concerned. nnnnnnLeviticus 24:16nnWhoever utters the name of the Lord must be put to death. The whole ncommunity must stone him, whether alien or native. If he utters the nname, he must be put to death.nnGenesis 19:8nnu201cLook, I have two daughters, virgins both of them. Let me bring them nout to you and you could do what you like with them. But do nothing to nthese men because they have come under the shelter of my roof.u201dnnDeut. 28:53nnThen because of the dire straits to which you will be reduced when nyour enemy besieges you, you will eat your own children, the flesh of nyour sons and daughters whom the Lord has given you.nnDeut. 23:1nnNo man whose testicles have been crushed or whose organ has been cut off may become a member of the Assembly of God.nnExodus 4:24nnAnd it came to pass by the way in the inn, that the Lord met him, andn sought to kill him. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the nforeskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, u201cSurely a bloodyn husband art thou to meu201d.nnEzekiel 23:19nnYet she increased her prostitution, remembering the days of her youthn when she engaged in prostitution in the land of Egypt. She lusted aftern their genitals u2013 as large as those of donkeys, and their seminal nemission was as strong as that of stallions.

  • Michael

    The bible does say that homosexuality is sinful. The bible is wrong because there is no such thing as gods and so it doesn’t matter. Churches are for for an older age that is no longer relevant to our modern life. Also they cannot prove god exists. People should ignore the sign, the church and the religion until they go away eventually like most superstitious beliefs.

  • concerned

    Since you know how to Google, try googling the opposite and see how many quotes you find of our forefathers that talk about God and the neccesity of Him in the counties existence. Don’t act like you know Bible cause you can quote a few scriptures, you have no understanding about what you just quoted.

  • concerned

    Nice you can copy scripture, now explain those scriptures, if you have no education in original language, you can’t and therefore your speaking on something you don’t know. It is not as simple as quoting some English .

  • concerned

    nAnd I suppose you can prove that He does not exist huh, thought not.

  • dogeatdog123

    This has nothing to do with forefathers, moron. Stand up and admit the Bible is infallible, and then admit you are pro-slavery, for the oppression of women and the stoning of adulterers. You don’t get it at all do, you? You can’t pick and choose your Christianity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.arthur.359 Elizabeth Arthur

    Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I believe in the Bible? NO. Some people say I have to be a Christian to believe in God. I don’t care to be lumped in that group, thanks. It would make me a hypocrite and I’d be ashamed to be called one. Look at how many contradictions are in the Bible. If the Bible was penned from the Holy Spirit, don’t you think it would be perfect and contradiction-free? There’s a reason the Bible is so flawed. IT WAS WRITTEN BY MAN. And please do not tell me I don’t understand and am reading it wrong.because I don’t have some degree in religion. I’ve heard MANY people educated in religion that sound like the most contradictory and confused individuals that don’t have the facts to back up what they’re preaching about. It’s always just a bunch of mindless blather. Here’s another question: why is it that the old testament makes God out to be vengeful and jealous but the new testament portrays him as a more loving and forgiving God? Did God really change or did man decide to re-write a version more fit to their liking like oh, God’s too harsh and I can’t live up to his expectations so I’ll just change a little of this and a little of that? I am one of the few that believe in God AND science. Science has shown us that homosexuality is natural and those individuals were born that way. They should have been born of the other sex but ended up with the wrong genitalia. Pretty simple. People don’t choose to be gay. Have you ever heard a person say,”Oh, you know…I just woke up this morning and decided I wanted to be gay.” NO! Why would anyone choose to be persecuted by the majority of society for loving someone of the same sex? You know what I believe? We should love our brother without judgement. You have to believe in your heart that the best thing in order to bring peace to this world is to be forgiving and loving and accepting. I think God looks down on us sometimes and shakes His head at the things we do to each other out of hate in His name. This is not what He intended. How is it constructive? Get over yourselves and take yourselves off that preachy pedestal. Stop worrying so much about saving everyone else and start pointing your little fingers at yourselves. God loves us, flaws and all. None of us are perfect and we know full well what those imperfections are. Doesn’t it make sense that we should be concerned with our own downfalls as opposed to someone else’s? I mean, just look at all these comments being left over one article. Nothing but a bunch of finger-pointing. How do we justify that? I can’t. If it means I’m going to hell for loving thy neighbor instead of acting like a small child, then so be it. I believe that God just expects us to do the best we can and strive to be decent human beings with understanding and compassion. You can tell me all day long that the Bible tells us to point out sins to those around us but did Jesus not say, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?” Glass houses, people. Try decency instead of condemnation and I bet it will get you a lot farther. Maybe even to the Pearly Gates.

  • Buffalo

    People, people, people – this is just another sad attempt by somebody (this time a church, actually) to get attention, and you are all falling for it! Ignore it, as well as the hateful (SINFUL, maybe?) filth spewed forth by this church and its members, not to mention some of the commentators listed on this very page. Good thing spelling isn’t a sin, because most of the people who have commented here would surely not be going to heaven!

  • Concerned

    No you don’t get it, you think you understand those scriptures but you have not a clue

  • concerned

    You sure know a lot about God, where did you get all that info from. You talk about the bible not being real yet you have made up your own God in your very own head. Think about that. I appreciate your time you took to explain yourself and you sound fairly intelligent so I hope you answer my question the same fashion and do not go on the attack as others have here and clearly made there testimony worthless because they are then doing exactly what they this church is doing and that is attacking and name calling with hate in the background. I would still like someone to explain how that sign is showing hate, I see nothing about hate there even if you don’t agree with us Christians and the bible, it is clear that the intentions of that church are not hateful. If we were to be wrong about homosexuality then it still was with love that we tried to let them know the outcome of that life style. You see the real problem here is, THOSE ATTACKING THAT CHURCH are stereotyping the ones that hate homosexuals and CALL themselves Christians with those of us that absolutely do not hate anyone and are trying to help. This blog that we have been on for two days and that I have point a lot of time in was really about attacking the church for its belief and that should be the only real subject Herr. We have two different beliefs but it is not about HATE in this case. Us Christians. TRUE Christians are tired of you placing a label on us because of the actions of some that are despicable. I ask this last question and I hope all that have participated in this will read it, there have been many more terrible things done in history of man that were done by NON CHRISTIANS, should I attack everyone of you anytime you show a difference with us and label that as hate, intolerance or any of the other name calling that has gone on here by those whose started this off with the premise that you didn’t like the churches hate and name calling that never did exist in the first place.

  • reality

    Religious hypocrites and haters. south west baptist is full of adulterers, liars and cheats. The billboard tries to deflect their own issues.

  • Thom

    It is because of SIN,that the subject of SIN is debated.

  • darjen

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Tro

    I’m not a Christian, but this response is not well-informed. This is the typical argument against Christians by those who are quoting things compiled by other people who picked out pieces of the Bible to make their argument. You guys always quote this shellfish and slave-owning bit. Using the laws of the Old Testament is not something you can do an an argument against Christians. Leviticus is Old Testament, and as I understand it, Christ did away with much of this. If you want to make an argument against Christianity, there are plenty of options, but using Old Testament laws is not typically one of them.

  • Tro

    You are missing something. The sign says “Homosexuality is a sin”. It does not say “Homosexuals are filth.” To call out an action as a sin is not the same as judging the sinner.


    I see nothing hateful. Only a statement of belief.

  • Don’t you worry about me

    Dear Concerned, When you correct your children, you are correcting a CHOICE they made in their behavior. Try as you may to convince yourself otherwise, homosexuality is NOT a choice. Who would choose to be gay or lesbian in this society? Who would purposefully choose a path that separates them from friends and family? Who would choose to be denied the rights and protections that heterosexuals enjoy? Talk to any homosexual and ask them when they knew they were gay…most, if not all, will tell you they knew as a child. But…they knew to hide it. How do these children learn to hide their true selves? It’s because of people like you who put up signs and tell them from your pulpit that they are damaged. Trust me…you have gay church members. Some may be married with ten kids, but they’re still gay. You are only helping to cultivate a more closeted, secretive climate. I do agree with you that we need to end this passiveness. My hope is for every gay and lesbian to stand up and be recognized. The gay community has been too passive for too long! We need to demand equality and we need to demand it loudly!

  • Terry

    Southwest Baptist Church thanks for telling like it is, you have my support .

  • Michael

    I think this is great. We all know these disgusting individuals are out there…nnThe fact that they are now posting 20 foot billboards in their backyards to let us know who they are is a public service!

  • Robert McClain

    Christ made is clear that all the old laws were to be obeyed. And some of them where sick,

  • Rob McClain

    Thank you, sanctimonious windbag. I’ve had a Christian education through the Lutheran church and schools from age 5 to 14. I stayed with church until the lies, fraud and immorality became too much to bear. nnGod fearing Christians rode through the south and lynched people. Millions of Christians said nothing. Thousands of people pass by that billboard every day, and I called this minister out for his homophobic, hateful actions with a letter to the Brunswick Post.nnSign your names, Good Christians, sign your names on your posts and declare yourselves in support of this minister, his church and his billboard. Or, hide like the weasels you are, huddling in your prayer groups and using religion as a crutch.

  • Porcupine1

    I do not know why this church chooses this message for the highway. What is their point? Why not say something positive- perhaps some loving words from Jesus? As one who does not live in Brunswick, I certainly get a bad impression of those who would put up such a message, whether or not the church thinks this is true. What a pity this group has no love in their hearts and would spent the money for such a sad and potentially destructive message. Of course they have the their 1st Amendment right to do this, but what could be in the hearts of those that would do this? No church I would ever want to visit.

  • Haluk

    Truth hurts…

  • Cindyl541

    Guess what? I think these folks are wrong. They need to add new signs that say lying is a sin, stealing is a sin, and murder is a sin but Jesus Christ can set you free. The problem comes because people don’t want these things to be a sin. Christians will be hated and falsely accused of evil deeds. All we really want is to share our beliefs just like any other religious group. Were not shoving it down throats, we’re speaking it in love.