April 20, 2014

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Nursing homes in Brunswick rated 5 stars

BRUNSWICK — Two Brunswick nursing homes earned top scores in U.S. News and World Report’s fifth annual Best Nursing Homes Rating.

Willowood Care Center, 1186 Hadcock Road, and Pearlview Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, 4426 Homestead Drive, both earned a five-star overall rating from the magazine.

Only about 14 percent of Ohio nursing homes earned the top rating.

Eleven nursing homes in Medina County were among more than 15,000 nursing homes nationwide included in the rankings, which are available at www.usnews.com/best-nursing-homes.

The magazine said the goal of creating the interactive rating tool was to help families in selecting a home for a loved one.

“Using trustworthy data, we’ve built a consumer-friendly tool to help seniors and their families confront one of life’s most difficult and anxious transitions,” said Avery Comarow, U.S. News’s health rankings editor. “Best Nursing Homes makes it easier for consumers to identify nursing homes that can best meet their needs in terms of location, quality of care, staffing, and more.

“All seniors deserve the best nursing care available, and we’ve made sure the information they need is at their fingertips.”

In developing the ratings, the magazine complied data from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on overall performance in health inspections, nurse staffing, and quality of medical care.

Both Willowood and Pearlview received five stars overall and five stars for their “quality measures.”

Quality measures analyze the percentages of patients who receive vaccinations and percentages of patients who reported pain, bedsores, urinary tract infections and other care-related problems.

Both homes were better than the state and national average in the incidents of care-related problems.

Pearlview received five stars for health inspections at the 68-bed facility, but only two out of five stars for nurse staffing levels.

Pearlview Administrator Kimberly Corrigan said she was pleased with the rating and said 87 percent of patients return home or to assisted-living facilities after receiving care at Pearlview.

“I would tie it to patient-centered care,” she said. The facility works with each patient on an individual level to develop goals and paths to achieve them, Corrigan said.

At Willowood, U.S. News awarded four out of five stars for health inspections and three out of five stars for nurse staffing levels to the 100-bed facility.

The review analyzed the last three state health inspection reports and found one health deficiency, compared to a state average of 6 and U.S. average of 7. The review also noted two complaints had been reported. As for nurse staffing, patients generally spent about 90 minutes each day with a nurse, near but below the state average.

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  • Lucy from Litchfield

    I cannot believe that! Willow ood is horrible! I know someone close to me who lives there. She always has food all over her face, her hair is greasy, they do not talk with her, she never has her glasses on. It is horrible. It is always hard to find staff if I need to speak to someone. Complaining does not work because they still do nothing about it. If this is what the Ohio standards are for excellent nursing homes, I am scared to death to see what others are like!

  • Carol from Medina

    My mother has been a patient at Willowood for over a year now, we (meaning myself or my brother) visit daily and never could we imagine that a nursing home had such caring staff. Any problems we have ever had have always been addressed right away. There are places closer to home but we chose Willowood and would recommend to any family or friends. to address comment from Litchfield lady if we had those issues we would move mom yet you stay????

  • Rodrigo

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