June 30, 2016

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Lodi police look for paintball shooter targeting homes, business

LODI — Flying paintballs are becoming somewhat prevalent in the village, as about a half dozen homes and a business have recently been targeted.

Lodi Police Chief Keith Keough said four-to-six residences and D’Antonio’s Pizza shop, 110 Medina St., were hit by at least one paintball shooter over the past week or so.

“We’ve just had some splattered paint on siding,” Keough said today. “Nobody’s seen a vehicle, but the shots are likely coming from a car.”

Paintballs are circular capsules composed of a water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside. They tend to be propelled from a “paintball marker,” or gun.

Keough noted residences being struck with paintballs are located mainly along North Academy and Bank streets. Homes and properties have been targeted in “the evening hours after dark,” he said.

Keough said teenagers or adults in their early 20s are probably those doing the damage.

“It’s someone who has nothing better to do,” the chief said.

The Lodi Police Department posted details about the paintball incidents Wednesday on its Facebook page, where two village residents said their homes were struck.

“My house was hit too,” wrote resident Amy Feckner.

Anyone with property damaged by a paintball shooter is urged to contact the Lodi Police Department at (330) 948-2040, or stop by the police station at 110 Ainsworth St.

Contact reporter Steve Grazier at (330) 721-4012 or sgrazier@medina-gazette.com.