April 16, 2014


Police say Medina man left shoeprint on boy’s face

MEDINA — A 32-year-old city resident is accused of kicking his girlfriend’s 7-year-old son in the face and leaving a shoe imprint.

Kristopher Fetterman

Kristopher A. Fetterman, of 248 S. Huntington St., is charged with endangering children, domestic violence and threatening domestic violence, according to Medina police.

The first two charges are first-degree misdemeanors and threatening domestic violence is a fourth-degree misdemeanor, Medina Municipal Court records show.

Detective Amy Kerr said the incident happened before school Wednesday.

“There really was no reason given,” she said. “He was frustrated and responded highly inappropriately when he was trying to talk to the boy.”

Kerr said the boy, who was examined at a hospital, had some bruising when she interviewed him.

Fetterman was booked into the Medina County Jail and released on bond Wednesday.

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  • knucklehead54

    Can I visit him and put a size 13 imprint on his face? Please?

  • MedinaMom

    Yes you can, I will hell with bail money even tho I dont know you. Very sad situation, poor boy

  • MedinaMom


  • concerned citizen

    Not that there is ever a reason that this is ok but unless you know the situation or family you should keep your mouth shut. They are probably stressed out enough as it is without ignorant people making more unnecessary threats!

  • Oldswitcheroo

    Time to stop drinking Kris. That’s a little kid.