June 29, 2016


York Township woman loves to walk each day

Nancy Finesilver loves walking every day in all types of weather on the roads near her York Township home. Some folks might think Finesilver has taken a good thing too far. Over the last 27 years, Finesilver, an artist by trade, has trekked at least eight miles a day on local trails and roadways.

Nancy Finesilver walks Friday morning north on Lester Road in York Township. Finesilver walks at least eight miles a day. (STEVE GRAZIER / GAZETTE)

“I’ve had a lot of people stop to talk to me along the way,” she said late Friday morning during a walk on Lester Road just north of Spieth Road. “Some probably think I’m nuts.”

Walking and riding a bike in the summertime enhances an artist’s creativity, said Finesilver, who declined to reveal her age.

“They’re both good, creative endeavors,” she said. “This nurtures my creativity.”

Township resident Linda Woolsteen was curious about Finesilver and posted a comment Friday morning on The Gazette’s Facebook page asking about the avid walker.

“There goes the walking lady down our street. She walks in any kind of weather and for miles,” Woolsteen wrote. “Please find out more about her and do a story. Such an inspiration!”

Woolsteen even provided directions where to locate Finesilver.

“The walking lady just (passed) my house at 7284 Spieth Rd. Medina and is heading East. I am guessing she probably will turn North on Lester.”

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