April 23, 2014


Medina school board OKs Superintendent Randy Stepp’s contract, including $83,000 signing bonus

By Kiera Manion-Fischer and Loren Genson

MEDINA — The union representing Medina city school teachers is protesting Superintendent Randy Stepp’s new contract, charging the school misrepresented the new pact as an “amendment” to his old contract on the agenda of the Jan. 7 meeting where it was approved.

John Leatherman, president of the Medina City Teachers’ Association, said he was “dumbfounded, astonished, surprised and shocked” after learning about the new contract, which provides annual compensation of at least $186,000 in wages, bonuses, allowance and other fringe benefits.

The contract also calls for a signing bonus of $83,000 designed to ensure Stepp doesn’t take another job.

Leatherman said he learned about Stepp’s contract Feb. 21, about four hours after the teachers’ union had reached a tentative agreement with the board for a new contract. He said the board didn’t inform him about Stepp’s contract. He received a tip.

“It was not, to use their favorite word, ‘transparent,’ ” he said.

Leatherman said the timing of Stepp’s contract could jeopardize the agreement, which will be presented to the teachers Thursday, followed by a vote in the next three days.

The teachers have been without a contract since June 2012.

“I’m concerned about the status of this tentative agreement,” he said. “It’s not lucrative in any way, shape or form for the teachers. We really kept the needs of the community in mind when we made this tentative agreement.”

Leatherman declined to reveal details of the tentative agreement. But another source said the pact calls for no wage increase except for seniority “step” increases.

School board President Charles Freeman said he could not explain why the agenda and minutes for the Jan. 7 work session shows the board approving unanimously “the amendment to the superintendent’s administrative contract.”

“It was meant to be a new contract,” Charles Freeman said. “My memory was that we were voting on his next contract.”

Asked why the board delayed issuing a news release announcing Stepp’s new contract until Friday — after rumors began circulating, Freeman said, “I don’t know.”

Leatherman said Stepp’s new contract could hurt the chances of passage of the 5.9-mill levy on the May ballot.

He said Stepp was not leading by example by accepting the contract, while asking teachers to make sacrifices.

“Through negotiations, through board meetings, our superintendent has said, ‘We need our teachers to make sacrifices,’” Leatherman said.

Determining exactly what Stepp will be paid each year is difficult because both his old and new contracts have provisions that allow him to determine the value of some of the fringe benefits.

For example, the new contract calls for 35 vacation days but permits him to work up to 20 of those vacation days and be paid at a per diem rate estimated at least $700.

An idea of how much more Stepp can earn above his base salary of $134,470 is seen in his federal W-2 form, which states he was paid a total of $198,465.52 last calendar year, according to district records.

In announcing Stepp’s contract, the news release said the board has “trust and confidence that Dr. Stepp is the right person to lead the district through these times of change.”

According to the release, the board “reviewed contracts from private industry and both in and out-of-state superintendent contracts to structure Dr. Stepp’s contract.”

Stepp, 47, who has worked for the district since 1997 and been superintendent since 2006, said he deserves the new contract because it is competitive with the private sector.

He said he passed up job opportunities that could have earned him an additional $50,000 a year.

“If you were the CEO of an organization that had 750 employees, what do you think would be the going salary?” he asked.

Stepp said he made it clear to the board that he had other job options.

“There are a number of school districts that have openings around Ohio,” he said. “School districts are finding it difficult to find qualified people to work in their district.”

Stepp said his doctorate, which he earned in 2010, and master’s in business administration are qualifications that warrant additional pay when negotiating the terms of a new contract.

“The board wanted, and the community wanted someone with a focus on business as much as education, and that’s what I bring,” he said.

Stepp’s comments came in an interview following a more than three-hour-long school board work session on Monday night.

The district discussed options for what to do if a 5.9 mill levy on the May ballot fails. The levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $181 a year and bring in about $6.9 million annually.

If the levy fails, the board said they would move forward with plan to shorten the school day to 5½ hours for middle school and high school students and five hours for elementary school students.

The board also took the first step toward putting a levy on the August ballot, which would be withdrawn if the levy passes in May.

Five levies have failed since 2008.

Contact reporter Kiera Manion-Fischer at (330) 721-4049 or kfischer@medina-gazette.com. Contact reporter Loren Genson at (330) 721-4063 or lgenson@medina-gazette.com.

  • fed-up

    Evidently there is no need to pasd a levy if they can throw money at him. He needs to go and so does the school board

  • Ridiculous!

    Great! Medina City Schools have enough money so there doesnt need to be a levy…right? Idiots! They should have let him go. He thinks he is a god, but newsflash…there are men or women better than he is I have lived in this town for over 50 years, graduated from MHS and my children did as well. People need to dig deep and see what this man does and the firends he hires and the money that is spent.

  • Amazed!

    The article states Stepp thinks he, u201cdeserves the new contract because it isncompetitive with the private sector.u201d Well, guess what. Schools and the privatensector are not the same thing. I could care less about the salary of a CEO of anprivate company because itu2019s not my tax dollars funding that salary. I do carenwhen my tax dollars go to pay an unwarranted salary to someone who feels thatnit is more important to have an extravagant bonus than it is to use that moneynto prevent laying off teachers and staff in the school. If Stepp is sonconcerned with money as the article makes it seem, maybe he should go and explorenthe job options he mentioned.

  • Unbelieveable!

    After reading this article, I’m speechless! Any hope of me voting to pass a new levy are GONE! This definitely isn’t leading by example, and has destroyed any trust that the school system and administration has tried to build with the community. Gone are the days of entitlement and an open check book at the expense of the voters in the system. I’m no longer proud that my children attend the Medina schools or the fact that I’m a graduate of MHS.

  • Medina City Schools Outrage

    Go on Facebook and join the Medina City Schools Outrage Page. The only way to combat this insanity is to band together, and in a show of force, make the school board change this decision.

  • Guest

    In this economy, and in light of the fact that the Medina City Schools CANNOT pass a levy to save themselves, this is a complete slap in the face to the homeowners in this area, as well as the teachers in that school system. I am so GRATEFUL this morning to be in a different school district (Buckeye). And with the timing being while neighboring Strongsville (was contemplating and is now) on strike, shame on the Medina School Board!

  • Michele

    Frankly, this is utterly appalling! Stepp clearly believes that teachers, staff, taxpayers, parents, and most importantly, the school children he was hired to serve, should sacrifice so that he can be paid commensurate with CEO’s in the private sector. And even worse, he holds the spineless school board hostage by threatening to leave if he doesn’t get the salary, benefits, extra vacation days, and signing bonus he demands. An $83,000 “signing bonus”????? That money alone could pay for at least TWO desperately needed additional teachers! If he wants to leave…politely but firmly show him the door. And to Medina’s School Board members: This entire saga reeks of intrigue, deception, and backroom dealing! You “don’t know” why this obscene new contract wasn’t made public until after it was believed that the teachers had arrived at a tentative settlement? Your memory was that it was a new contract rather than a renegotiation? The School Board and Stepp demand that teachers must “sacrifice” but Stepp not only refuses to do so, he arrogantly demands more money, benefits and bonuses! And all of you wonder why levies fail? Insist that Stepp leave and every School Board member should resign immediately!

  • http://www.facebook.com/traci.rydbommonroe Traci Rydbom Monroe

    The comments that I posted earlier seem to have been lost. This is exactly why I vote NO on school levies, they come crying “it’s for the chidren” obviously NOT. When are we going to get the facts on the teachers contract….are they waiting to see if the levy passes so they can ask for more money then….obviously the school board as put the cart before the horse and are counting on the levy passing to pay for this. Does anyone know, how we can put a stop to this, they should not be cutting anything while giving raises and bonuses to Mr. Stepp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1540908930 Cliff Donoughe

    Proof positive that having a PHD doesn’t make you smart!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1540908930 Cliff Donoughe

    It is time to replace our Board and Stepp. Neither has done anything to transform our schools given the new reality of lower funding. All they do is cut with a chainsaw instead of looking at innovative solutions.

  • Medina Parent

    If anyone on the school board is reading this – WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? The levy will never pass as long as he remains in position. Surely you realize this. So your reaction to that is to pay him to STAY? You’ve got to be kidding him. We should be paying him to LEAVE. It might be time to clean house entirely… Stepp and the entire school board. I will never vote for any of the existing members again, that’s for sure.

  • concerned wife and mother

    what about the support staff who hasn’t had a raise in 5 years? I know for a fact that the IT department is running shirt staffed and they t had a raise for 5 years! Maybe he should share the wealth……

  • Richard Leiby

    It looks as thought it is time for superintendent and the school board to go. Best thing board could have done is let superintendent leave and move on to a new and better superintendent that is totally for the students and community not him self. He is so stuck on him self is sickening. I would hope the voters vote snow the levy until he is fired. Time for a big big change in Medina City Schools. VOTE NO ON LEVY!!!

  • OhioGuy10

    Wow! Time to open enroll at schools that have better Supers, Boards and Teachers. Highland and Buckeye get prepared to get some applications! If Mr. Stepp was in that much demand he needs to be set free!

  • Tm44281@yahoo.com

    Wow! Sounds criminal to me!

  • Seriously

    Ourn schools and the horrible attitude of administrators are a direct resultn of his “treating it like a business”. It’s NOT. These are our children.n Not pawns in a grown mans game. I’ve been in Medina for 13 years and have steadily watched the school system go straight down under Randy Stepp’s hand. It went from a system that cared about the kids to a system that treats them as numbers. It HAS to stop. Do us a favor Randy, take one of the oh so many jobs offered to you and LEAVE. Medina doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. If the fact that you can’t pass a single levy hasn’t made it clear enough, let all these outraged comments show you the way.

  • Concerned citizen

    Ron Ross, who received thousands of votes in the last election, should be the one to fill the vacancy on the School Board instead of present members choosing another of their cronies. He asked some good questions…we should have listened.

  • Jim Barton

    When you’ve got some teachers making $100,000 how much do you think the superintendent should make?

  • Willie

    I would suggest that the board release Mr Stepp to find a more profitable occupation, and hire a superintendent who knows how to work with people in a cooperative way. It seems like a leader earns respect by being just that–a leader. That means making people want to follow him (or her) instead of browbeating and bully-behavior. Medina City Schools has many people who fill the bill.

  • OhioGuy10

    This is not treating it like a business unless you want to go out of business. If the money is not there you do not bonus your head person like this. It is an outrage. If this was a public company and was facing huge losses and facing closure why would you do this and alienate your customers (community) and employees (Teachers and support). Just a stupid move on the BOE’s part. You can care about the kids and run it as a business but this is not the way. This makes all schools look bad and there are some good ones that do it correct out there.

  • JT

    Gross negligence on the part of the School Board. While Randy doesn’t seem to be the right man for this district, it is glaringly obvious that the elected School Board Members have no concern for the voters that elected them. And all of the hokey misdirection and half truths is reminiscent of political rhetoric, What a legacy. I urge my fellow voters to make your voice known, let the board know that their actions will be held accountable.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVRLUE5PUGQRCQJURFGUHOB5AI Roger

    Wow, you poor Medina residents. I’m so glad I moved away from there. The only school district in the country that can’t provide bus service for the students but can provide Mr. Stepp an $83,000.00 sign on bonus. Highest school taxes in the nation based on state averages, bar none (yes, I did the research before I left). What a joke. If you live in Medina Ohio, don’t look forward to having your house paid off because you’ll still have the equivalent of a house payment in the form of property tax. What a joke. Oh, and hey Randy, when you got that doctorate did you do it during evening hours or during “work” hours? Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVRLUE5PUGQRCQJURFGUHOB5AI Roger

    The most corrupt school board in the nation. The people in Medina should be up in arms over this! Can’t even provide bus service to the students! What’s next Randy? A private jet?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVRLUE5PUGQRCQJURFGUHOB5AI Roger

    How’s that school bus service working out for ya Medina residents? I’m sure glad I moved to Florida where my child gets a better education AND rides the bus to school AND I pay less than 1/3 in property taxes as I paid in Medina for a house of lesser value than the one I have in Florida. You people in NE Ohio are really getting duped by people like Randy Stepp.

  • GrandRapidsRustlers

    “The district discussed options for what to do if a 5.9 mill levy on the May ballot fails.”nnnYou can go ahead and remove the word “if” now.

  • anthonynorris

    Fuck randy stepp. Hisdegree isnt hard to get. He needs to step down

  • anthonynorris

    Don’t vote the school levy till randy stepp leaves


    I have an idea, after talking with a couple gentlemen from the Port Clinton area, ask the school district he came from if they would take him back? These gentlemen wanted to know who the fools were that hired him! Oh my gosh it was Medina I replied and they laughed and laughed!

  • Larry

    People shouldn’t pass judgment just yet. Also, most of us aren’t qualified to do the job of a public school superintendent. Most of us also couldn’t handle the pressure or scrutiny that comes with the job. Before you use this as a reason not to vote for the levy, I ask you to look into the matter a little more.

  • dogeatdog123

    Go check the record. That was a rumor and you are doing a disservice by repeating it without fact checking. Starting salary for nteachers in the district this school year is $39,137. The highest salaryn on the pay schedule for this school year, which is 27 plus years and 30n plus hours past a masters degree is $89,354. The average salary nincluding salary/fringe benefits/health insurance coverage is $68,434.

  • Sad for the kids!

    I have four children in the Medina City school system. This breaks my heart. My sons in high school have two study halls because there are no electives. My youngest has been diagnosed with dyslexia and there are no reading intervention teachers to help the elementary kids. I have ALWAYS supported the school system and voted “Yes” on every levy. I will still vote “Yes” in May – for my kids. I know however that there will be zero chance of it passing now. My husband and I have talked of moving out of Medina (after 20 years there) when my oldest two graduate from high school. We both work closer to Cleveland and if we move closer we can be near some of the Catholic High Schools for my younger two. It makes me sad but with the schools falling apart as they are, Medina is just not a place I want to live anymore. I wonder how many tax paying residents will have to move out before the message gets across?

  • Jim Barton

    In brunswick, we have many in that range. I assume that you do in Median also as the union is the same

  • Willie

    Oh, I don’t know, seems like Wall Street CEOs do this all the time. They go from company to company, running them into the ground and then moving on with cash in their pockets. Maybe Mr Stepp needs to get a job as a Wall Street CEO

  • Backtoyou

    How was that randy, from your brother Larry

  • dogeatdog123

    Our teachers deserve every bit of a salary in the range $68,434 for their contribution to society. This isn’t a union issue, it’s an “honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work” issue, and I get tired of people suggesting teachers do not earn their pay. Are there some we can do without? Yes. Are there some who are overpaid and have overstayed their welcome? Of course. Does the union have to make concessions to the new financial realities of the 21st Century? Absolutely. But I will knock you down every time if you say teachers don’t deserve what they make.

  • Resign Randy

    Do the board members receive a kick back for approving this deal?

  • Seriously

    http://www.aasa.org/content.aspx?id=3030nMedinan has 7,500 students. Average income of a super in charge of that number nis $146,402 country wide. In the great lakes region the average income nis $116,532. What is Randy Stepp doing to warrant $135k -$165k in nADDITIONAL salary? The pay he is demanding is not even CLOSE to being nin line with the average.

  • Red_White_and_True

    Don’t think for a second that Medina can’t find a qualified superintendent for less than they are paying Stepp and one who would accept that job without a ‘signing bonus’ like he’s some sort of franchise player. I feel badly for the students in the district. Once you have no trust for the board and superintendent, you’ll never pass a levy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O6OA7LAX3BLZYTQUXO7F5NZHSQ Mark

    So, dogeatdog123, the rest of us contribute nothing to society?nnBreak down those salaries into an hourly rate to get a good idea of how WELL teachers are payed (or in my mind, OVER paid). $68,434 for working 180 days 7.5 hours per day works out to $50.69 per hour. In a normal 52 week 8 hour a day job, that equates to $105,439 per year. That seems RIDICULOUS to me.

  • Mr. Petersen

    I think the term “tone deaf” comes to mind when I read Mr. Stepp’s comment about his salary.nMedina should send him to a PR class. He will need it after his inane comment.

  • dogeatdog123

    Did I say the rest of us contribute nothing to society? Hmmmm, I looked back and I can’t find that anywhere. You are naive or thick-skulled if you think teachers only work 180 days for 7.5 hours per day. Maybe you get to clock out and go home and watch TV. They correct papers, do lesson plans, spend money out of their own pocket in the classroom, work through lunch, and many of them are babysitting YOUR kids. They earn every dollar and $68, 434 is completely justified, if not more.

  • FedUp

    Then you pay him.

  • Angry

    Teachers have been laid off. Principals haven’t had a pay increase in 4 years. Most importantly programs that benefit the students have been cut. Dr. Stepp gets a signing bonus and a car allowance while our students have no bussing. Nice move.

  • WeCare

    Principals haven’t gotten a raise in 4 years?! How much do they make?!? Foodservice PROFESSIONALS, yes, PROFESSIONALS, in this district have been frozen for just as long, and, BEHIND the rest of the classified staff in raises, for what, a decade? WE are equally proud of what we do.

  • Jim Barton

    Who said teachers don’t deserve what they make? I simply said that if you have teachers making in the range of 100k, certainly the person running the system is going to make more. Not complicated.

  • DisrespectedTeach

    Im an educator…..I work over breaks, on weekends, after hours at school (my typical day 7am to 4:15 w about a 20 minute lunch if I am lucky) and home….not to mention the summers…..I create lessons, learn the new standards and better ways to teach them, grade papers, do research on best practices etc. I tutor kids during MY lunch and breaks…..this is just what I came up with in the time that I read your rediculous comment…..you have no idea what teacher do, shame on you for your comment. Live a day as a teacher…..

  • DisrespectedTeach

    They are not the same, every union is different, ever district is different in regards to pay and steps…before you say that you should research the true salaries.

  • Tax Paying Medina Citizen

    u201cIf you were the CEO of an organization that had 750 employees, what do you think would be the going salary?u201d I’m laughing so hard at this ridiculous anaology. Government isn’t a company, you aren’t a ceo. And if this were the case, the president should be making a little more then 400k a year? He has a “would be a ceo of a company of 300 million employees”. Stepp’s argument is flawed. nnIf he’s a such a brilliant business man to kept around with incentives up to 80 thousand dollars, than why would he negotiate literally right before a levy? How come our levy has yet to pass? Maybe because stepp isn’t exactly doing a 200,000 dollar job. nn80 grand could be used for a million different notions that could of benefited our school system some home, (maybe save a couple teachers jobs, so they can provide for their families?) nnAnnoying how he compares public service jobs to private sector.nnHis daughter were affilated with gangs “cash money gangsters” One of them had the cmg is her facebook account not too long ago. nn nnHonestly, Randy Stepp is a huge waste of tax money. Please let the other cities that are dying to have him so much, i mean look how great the school system is going in medina! Haven’t had a levy passed since 2008. Yeah he’s the perfect guy.

  • WeCare

    and if one does not facebook?

  • WeCare

    Keep it together, People! Let us not fight amongst each other, that is what THEY want. Take a deep breathe and remember who is in and DESERVES the hot seat. Not the staff, not the community and CERTAINLY, NOT the students. This forum of conversation arose out of the GROSS revelation we all are appalled by! There are not enough words or comments to describe what many of us are feeling. If you are keeping up w/ the press-Board Mtg at 6m just called for tomorrow night. Safety in numbers-fear not-SHOW UP!

  • Jim Barton

    welcome to the life of every other professional in the world!

  • Jim Barton

    I just looked online (buckeye institute for public policy solutions) and Medina has many teachers making over 100k per year. So I guess my initial comment was right on track. Again, not to say they don’t earn it, but don’t pretend that teachers don’t get paid a good salary.

  • steve shanley

    Amazing, I now realize I live in a community fearful of change, judgmental, biased, and smallnminded. I realize we have so many “experts” believing they are qualified to pass judgment on how much someone else’s qualifications are worth.Amazing that a proven track record of superior accomplishments should not be considered and weighed in proportion to Mr. Stepp’s compensation package. Amazing, how so called “experts” in education are asking to vote the levy down because Mr. Stepp’s compensation package is not fair to others who also work hard in education. The bottom line is simple…saying no to the levy is accepting and being “ok” with the fact that by doing so, we are negatively impacting our children and their future. The Unions, claiming theynwere misled and that they are outraged. Obviously to position Mr. Stepp is the reason if the Levy does not pass. Guess what teachers union, if you continue with your outrage, the levy won’t pass. What happens to your future and the future of your members if the levy does not pass? Simple answer, the future looks bleak. Protect the future of your members and support Mr. Stepp. Embrace excellence and the leadership Mr. Stepp has exhibited and the future of tour union and it’s valuable members will be bright. Mr. Stepp’s contract in all likelihood is binding, protesting won’t change Mr.Stepp’s contract. Expend your energy on insuring you do everything you can do to positively impact the future of our children. Saying no to Mr. Stepp is saying no to the innocent, our children. Mr. Stepp has 3 years, no matter what you do, no matter how loud you scream, focus your energy on objectives and outcomes you can impact….our children. Don’t penalize our children, do the right thing, drop your biases, your jealousies, your beliefs about thinking you know what’s best and embrace the vision of Mr. Stepp and the School Board. Accept your views are only your views, not right or wrong, be willing to change your perception of what is right and wronged and your whole world changes.

  • Please Fire The superintendent

    u201cIf you were the CEO of an organization that had 750 employees, what do you think would be the going salary?u201d I’m laughing so hard at this ridiculous anaology. Government isn’t a company, you aren’t a ceo. If this logic was somehow true than the president should be making tens of millions of dollars a year ALONE from salary. Because “would be a ceo of a company of 300 million employees”. S T E P P I S A P U B L I C S E R V A N T P A I D B Y O U R T A X E S. Stepp’s argument is flawed.

  • BereaBrave

    Signing bonuses are to entice talent to an open position. Signing bonuses offset the moving expenses, possible money being lost in real estate transaction, etc… NOT FOR A GUY THAT ALREADY LIVES IN MEDINA!! What a sham! No wonder Wilder quit. YOU WILL NEVER PASS ANOTHER SCHOOL LEVY AGAIN IDIOTS!!! Shame on all of you. This clown better NOT hand out my kid’s diploma in 2015.

  • WeCare

    It’s “DR.” Stepp, by the way, NOT “MR.” Stepp, Mr. Shanley! (As a taxpayer and community member, you should know this) Perhaps YOU are penalizing our children and NOT embracing change. The levy was not going to pass anyways (talked to your neighbors lately?)-now the blame has just been shifted to it’s rightful owner. Be willing to change YOUR perception. Those in the trenches everyday, with the children, and not in an ivory tower, know a whole lot more about our children than you can possibly understand. We do the right thing every day. Don’t penalize our children by being condescending to the staff that teaches, protects and supports them everyday.

  • Janice Krusoczky

    WE CAN FIND SOMEONE WITH AN MBA MUCH, MUCH CHEAPER and less arrogant to boot! Let me explain something. The economy ain’t so great. Your doctorate that we probably paid for does not qualify you to make what a surgeon makes. Please get off that really high horse you are riding. Please reconsider taking that OTHER job that paid $50,000 more than the already generous taxpayers of Medina pay you. Pllleeeaaassseee! I will even help you pack your U -Haul truck free of charge! Are you freaking out of your mind, Randy?! Was our Board under the influence when they agreed to this?! THIS IS EMBARRASSING AND OUTRAGEOUS! After reading this, I thought I was hallucinating! This community will stand with the teachets and oust this crazy Superi tendent and Board once and for all.

  • Angry

    Amen. I didn’t mean to slight any of the professionals in the district. I just wanted to point out that everyone was asked to make sacrifices by the very man that just got an enormous raise.

  • Greed in Progress

    Wow ! Typical administration motive! Take care of yourself and screw the teachers and the school distric! Stepp and the board should be ashamed!

  • Greg

    It’s laughable that someone with an M.B.A. can’t distinguish between the private and the public sector. As educators, many make sacrifices of personal income so that we may do a service for our community and children. It appears Dr. Stepp is holding is own interests in higher regard than those of our children. Is this the type of leadership we really need or want?

  • Sue DiPasquale

    Obviously Mr. Stepp did not receive the memo that the school district does not have enough money to maintain current levels of spending. Shouldn’t “tightening our belts” apply to everyone, or does Mr. Stepp simply go out and buy a bigger belt? Earning a Doctorate does not come with a certificate of respect. THAT must be earned, and Mr. Stepp should not be respected until he leads by example. I thankfully do not live in Medina, but I am appauled by the Board’s actions and Mr. Stepps over-inflated ego. Perhaps he would be better served to go into politics where it is business as usual. Shame on you.