April 23, 2014

Mostly clear

Local public meetings slated this week

Editor’s note: Fax public meeting notices to (330) 725-4299 or email areanews@medina-gazette.com. Paid legal notices, which appear in the classified advertising section of the newspaper, should be emailed to legalnotices@medina-gazette.com.


Medina Board of Education, special meeting to discuss teacher contracts, 6 p.m., board conference room, 140 W. Washington St.
Medina Civil Service Commission, regular meeting, 8 a.m., City Hall, multipurpose room, 132 N. Elmwood Ave.


Hinckley Township Zoning Commission, regular meeting, 7 p.m., township administration building, 1410 Ridge Road.
Liverpool Township Zoning Commission, regular meeting, 7:30 p.m., township community center, 6801 School St.
Medina Township trustees, budget workshop for fire, administration and zoning, 7 p.m., township hall, 3799 Huffman Road.


Chippewa Lake Village Council Parks Committee, regular meeting, 4 p.m., village community center, 24 Circle Crest.

  • Richard Leiby

    Medina school board needs to have an open door meeting with the public and have over paid Stepp there as well and not hide behind close doors as they do. At this meeting they need to answer to the voters and they and Stepp need to step down before the recall vote takes them all down. Because they do not have the best interest of the students or district at heart. Remove board and Stepp from office now and VOTE NO ON LEVY!!!!!