April 24, 2014


Medina teachers approve tentative agreement

MEDINA — Medina City School teachers ratified a tentative agreement with the district, union officials said Wednesday afternoon.

The vote count was not immediately available.

The agreement, reached with the Medina City Teachers Association, calls for no increase in pay for the district’s about 400 teachers, except for “step increases” for time in service and additional college course work. It also calls for an increase in the class load at the high school and a hike in the cost to employees of health insurance.

The district has a 5.9-mill levy on the May 7 primary ballot.

Earlier this week, Union President John Leatherman had predicted the pact would be approved despite the public outcry over a new contract for schools Superintendent Randy Stepp that provided an $83,000 bonus, aimed at keeping him from taking another job. Stepp said last week he will give back the bonus.


  • Janice Krusoczky

    Thank you for being “FOR” the students and taxpayers while the economy isn’t so great. Teachers, you have shown your team spirit, excellent logic, dedication to us, and earned our support, confidence, and appreciation! Thank you for taking the high road and doing what is right for the students and entire community. We respect and admire your fiscally responsible decision. Excellent job!!!

  • Richard Leiby

    They and union have no back bone. How you vote a no confidance in board and Stepp. Then get in to bed with them. All this is is a ploy to get voters to pass levy. Hell no on levy