April 19, 2014

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One arrest made at drunken driving checkpoint

WADSWORTH — Police and Ohio Highway Patrol troopers went looking for drunken drivers Saturday.

The good news is they didn’t find many.

Only one driver was arrested at an OVI checkpoint Saturday conducted 9 p.m. to midnight at 151 Main St.

The driver took a breath test and was found to have a 0.157 blood-alcohol level — almost double the legal Ohio limit of 0.08.

Another driver was tested under suspicion of drinking but was found not to be intoxicated.

Brunswick police Lt. Brian Ohlin said overall 10 of the 140 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint were diverted.

“Eight of them were checking for driver licenses and were found to be OK,” he said.

The checkpoint was conducted in conjunction with the Medina County OVI Taskforce, according to a patrol news release. It was funded by federal grants and was designed to deter and intercept impaired drivers.

Ohlin said at least one other driver was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired in the area during patrols, but he could not say more because officers had not finished filing reports.

This was the first OVI checkpoint of the year.

More are planned for “the near future,” according to the news release.

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  • Wadsworth Resident

    I watched the police make total fools of themselves on Saturday night. Driving on South Main St at over 50mph for no apperent reason. All that man power and overtime pay for what? This is a total waste of tax payer money. It was a lucky thing that no pedestrians were killed by their antics!

  • EdinWadsworth

    Yes, these poice who are out to seize your car, increase your car insurance rates, confiscate your money via tickets… these same police ask for your “help” when they can’t do their jobs – like solve a crime!

  • EdinWadsworth

    oppps… spelling error in line one… “poice” should be “police”