April 19, 2014

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$87K worth of gear removed from auto shop

MEDINA — The Medina County Sheriff’s Office seized $87,300 worth of automotive equipment Thursday from Medina Motorsports, 942 W. Liberty St., as payment of a debt in a foreclosure lawsuit, according to Medina County court records.

The auto repair business, shown above, specializes in vintage restoration and race car modification, according to its website. Owner John Kuhar declined to comment on the suit Friday.

The equipment was seized after a sheriff’s auction of the property received no bids in January, according to court records.

According to the complaint, filed in February 2011, Kuhar owed Gerald Mong and Mong’s Vanguard Engine Rebuilders $56,111.13 with 10 percent interest per year on a mortgage dating from Nov. 4, 2010, along with court costs and attorney’s fees.

Several other lawsuits are pending in Medina County Common Pleas Court against Medina Motorsports, according to court records.

One, filed in April 2012 by Lawrence Frisa, accuses Kuhar of doing work on a 1974 MGB GT and billing him for labor and parts without authorization, and then keeping the car.

Medina Motorsports denied Frisa’s claim that the work was unauthorized and said Frisa did not fully pay for the work done, court records show.

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  • Raceman11

    I have sent John Medina Motorsports, a check for a Intake and carbs, Its been a month now and I have not received them, he will not return my calls or E-mails any help would be appreciated.nnThanks DavennE-mail 63ford@nrctv.com

  • Stewm70

    He’s a criminal, consider yourself lucky. If you go through the Medina County Clerk of Courts webpage you’ll see that he has bilked dozens of people out of tens of thousands of dollars. Sorry you got screwed over. I don’t understand why the District Attorney hasn’t filed charges against him yet.

  • Mike Trusty, Santa Fe, NM

    Shipped an overdrive transmission for an MGB to him 3 months ago to rebuild and paid him $1500 to complete the work. He called me a month ago to say the work was done and transmission was being shipped back. Now I cannot reach him. No word. Mike Trusty, Santa Fe, NM dmtrusty@aol.com

  • Dean Elenniss

    How do I get my car back? I gave him 30k to rebuild my 1960 MGA Roadster

  • Msj5870

    Please tell me you’re kidding. If you are serious what’s your email? I might have some 411 that might be of some help.

  • Dean Elenniss

    Not kidding. dcelns@gmail.com 216-401-2735