April 17, 2014

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Mother: Boy pointed finger like gun at my family

MEDINA — Charges are pending against a 13-year-old boy accused of miming shooting a gun at a Medina woman’s family, according to police.

The 44-year-old woman said she was visiting the Medina Library, 210 S. Broadway St., about 3:15 p.m. Sunday with her family.

“I was out with my father, who was up from Florida,” she said. “It was nice to have a beautiful Sunday afternoon to show off how great Medina is.

“And then this happened.”

She said the boy was standing outside the library with three of his friends. They were wearing hoodies and smoking cigarettes.

She said she has taught her 6-year-old son that cigarettes are bad, so she thought he may have been staring at the group.

That’s when she said the 13-year-old pointed his finger in her family’s direction, mimed shooting a gun and said, “Pow-pow-pow.”

“I said, ‘Really?’ ” and he replied with expletives, she said.

She said she called police and said the boy was causing a public panic.

“This is not Medina,” she said, “and I’m not going to let Medina become this.”

According to a police report, the boy said he was talking to his friends, not her.

Police said the case has been forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for review.

Juvenile Prosecutor Mike McGinty was not available for comment Friday.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/merry.fortner Merry Fortner

    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame

  • d caul

    ooohhh wow a big tough 13 year old……watch out he might get on his bicycle an come after you with a cardboard sword next spitting out expletives and screaming ahhoooyyy maty!

  • fredellis

    Ooo… A scary finger. Did he say “Bang” at the same time? Somebody ought to drop their shorts and point their fart launcher at the whiner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.merrette Steve Merrette

    And what are the charges? pointing a finger in a threatening manner? Really? They ought to throw the mother in jail for being an idiot. The kids would probably be better off in foster care in this case…

  • Vincent Nylin

    Does Medina rhyme with vagina? It should.

  • Brunswickoh

    I guess she could have got in their face. Punk kids standing in a public place smoking, swearing at passers by, and acting like little thugs, obviously their parents aren’t teaching them anything, maybe the police can.

  • si

    What a waste… of time, newsprint, police time, do I need to go on. It’s a 13 yearold being an idiot, not a crime.

  • anyimous

    Welcome to the New America

  • xBumblesBouncex

    boys will always find something to use as a gun thats just what they do they play like that its not hurting anyone… my god kids used to play cowboys and indians all the time and noone thought anything of it why? because they are kids… its not the boys parents fault either noone is to blame here that woman needs to quit whining what she thinks hes gonna find out where she lives and stalk her and then murder them.. really?