April 19, 2014

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Doctoring court documents gets woman 6 months in jail

MEDINA — A Granger Township woman found guilty in February of doctoring court transcripts was sentenced Monday to six months in jail and five years of probation.

Lynn M. Vandeusen, 49, of 1222 Ledge Road, was convicted of tampering with records, a third-degree felony, and forgery, a fifth-degree felony.

Lynn M. Vandeusen, right, was sentenced Monday to six months in jail and five years of probation for tampering with the transcripts from her divorce court proceedings. A jury found her guilty in February. Also pictured is Vandeusen’s attorney, Michael Ash. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY NICK GLUNT)

She was accused of altering her divorce court transcripts, obtained from the court stenographer, so she would be awarded more money in the settlement.

Vandeusen’s criminal trial spanned several days of evidence, including witness testimony from court stenographers and attorneys who worked on the divorce case.

Her sentencing was scheduled for last week, but was postponed after she told the judge her attorney had promised she would be acquitted.

She retracted her accusation in court Monday, saying instead that other attorneys and friends told her that.

Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier said Vandeusen’s actions show she created a “web of deceit” and ordered that she undergo psychological evaluation and counseling.

“I want to know if this societal harming can be fixed,” he said.

Vandeusen was fired from her job as an insurance fraud investigator and Collier made it a provision of her probation that her employment be closely monitored. Collier said he added that provision to protect employers and customers who could be harmed by her deceit.

He warned Vandeusen that if she violated her probation, he would send her to prison for four years.

“The court is very concerned with your ability to manipulate,” Collier told Vandeusen.

Vandeusen’s attorney, Michael Ash, said he thought Collier’s sentencing was fair.

“The sentence was very close to what I recommended,” Ash said. “I’m glad that Judge Collier recognized some of the issues brought up in my sentencing memorandum.”

County Assistant Prosecutor Scott Salisbury had asked the judge to send Vandeusen to prison.

“She will lie to benefit herself in any way,” Salisbury told the court. “We ask that she be given a prison sentence and that the sentence be greater than the minimum.”

Ash said he’s not sure whether Vandeusen will appeal the decision. She has a month to decide.

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  • Jeanne,

    wheres my comment,

  • Jeanne,

    Well I left a lengthy comment that didn’t get posted so I’ll try again. First of all this article is very biased, bad,bad reporter! Reporters are supposed to actually research the facts, then write the news. The facts are this woman is acused of altering a COPY of her divorce decree. A COPY! She was the one paying out the money, she did not get any money. It was a very contentious divorce. in order to save her family farm from being sold and split up ( a farm that had been in the family since her grandfather started it) she was forced to pay her ex husband a six figure sum. That would be her savings for her retirement, her retirement, because she was the only one working outside the home, her exhusband haad no retirement savings and did not work. She was also to pay her exhusband 1/2 of her pension. Her contention was that according to their agreement her exhusband was to get half of her pension when she retired which could be in 2 years, she had also wanted a clause in the agreement that her exhusband could not leave his half of her pension to either a girlfriend or a third wife should he die.This is what she thought would be in the decree, it was not.She was contacted by the payrole dept of her work that they were going to give her exhusband a check for half her pension immediately. She contacted her attorney and told him there was a problem. She was accused of picking up a COPY of her decree from the court to give to her attorney, and adding those conditions to the document. Her attorney made a COPY of the document and gave it to her exhusbands attorney (apparently he was too lazy to get his own copy from the court). The two attorneys were supposed to have a meeting with the just to straighten things out. When the judge saw that his copy from the court was different from the attorneys copies a grand juury was conviened and Lynn was indicted for fraud and forgery. She did not gain anything, She was not going to get more money because she was the one paying her exhusband! She is a good person who has never committed a crime. She is not a drug dealer, she did not forge checks or embezzle money, she has never assaulted anyone (contrary to what her exhusband may say) She has been the victum of physical and verbal abuse for many years. I was a witness to the verbal abuse. This article makes her sound like a menace to society. What a load of crap! If we punish a woman so severly for just trying to stand up for what is right, be afraid people, be very afraid, Next it could be you. The medina copurt system is seriously flawed. Aask your neighbors, friends. anyone who has had an experience with them. Whether she did the crime or not, the punishment is too severe for the crime. Drug delaers, embezzelers, have done less time! nLynn Bostrom for fraud and forgery.

  • unknown

    Jeanne, youu2019renthat one who needs to get your facts straight where is your prof? Nothing thatnwas in that paper was wrong it was what happened. I guess that in a u201cbusinessu201dnyou donu2019t realize that you are dealing with peopleu2019s money, checks, and creditncards. Hmmmmmmmm I wonder what someone could do with that information? You soundnlike an idiot youu2019re the one who needs to get the facts straight. Hereu2019s anplace you to start itu2019s called MedinanCounty Clerk of Courts public records. Hereu2019s a link where you can get to it becausenapparently you donu2019t know about itu2026u2026… nnhttp://www.co.medina.oh.us/medct_epublicnodr/pages/disclaimer.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmedct_epublicnodr%2fpages%2fDetailForm.aspx%3fcase%3d12CR0388&case=12CR0388

  • Larry

    So she committed fraud and forgery… Umm I think that’s ah tat the paper said… Sounds like you a friend trying to save her…. She is a criminal let it go.

  • Cheryl

    Jeanne, what happened to all the money her husband left CA with??? He sold off all his assetts to move to OH and run this family farm with her. Are any of you aware of the things that Lynn did prior to this divorce? I don’t have first hand knowledge of this so I don’t want to say the details that I’ve heard. Just remember there are always two sides to a story.