April 23, 2014


PHOTO: Homer Twp. produce auction house opens doors

Auctioneer Nick DeFelice, center, seeks out bids during the opening of County Line Auction on the northwest corner of state Route 301 and Jeffrey Road in Homer Township on Wednesday. The auction house was built by hundreds of Amish men last month, and the opening was delayed by a zoning appeal filed by a competitor. (Kiera Manion-Fischer / Gazette)

  • ToGodbetheglory

    That sure does look like the same crew that Homer Produce Auction had…..except Andrea is missing? Looks like they stole all the buyers, workers and left the Owen’s high and dry. Nice way to steal a business that took them years to build……..Congrats Nick Defelice, a great steal! Oh yeah and they even trained and paid you to do it! Were you not their auctioneer? Shameless!!!! To God be the glory.

  • SI

    This is not monopoly TGBTG… nLEts look in the real world.nCompany A opens up does good business. Worker A works for Business A. Worker A thinks he do what Business A does and he thinks he can do it on his own and therefore make more money. Some worker A starts up Business B. nnWith your thinking there would be no Burger King, Wendy’s , etc.nnLowes was here first so no Home depot. O wait we had little ACE hardware back in the day so No Lowes or Home Depot. nnThere is nothing wrong with competition in business. In fact as a consumer, competition keeps prices down.nnI say Kudos to Mr. Defelice for seeing an opportunity and making it happen. Hopefully he can be succesful.

  • Dissapointed in the Amish

    It’s competition when you open up a business in the same city.It’s lack of integrity when you open up a business less than 2 miles away from your competitor after taking every employee and your competitors nephew with you!Maybe it will work out maybe it won’t.Time will tell! I do believe in karma,and you shouldn’t use God to advertise your deceit !!

  • B.S.

    It’s ok to have competition.But Business B should have to follow the same rules as Business A did when it came to building this said business. Also it was low the way Mr. DeFelice went about building his business. Karma will bite him in the butt you watch and see.

  • B.S.

    I feel everyone one of those people he calls OPERATORS and the employees who followed Mr. DeFelice are TRAITORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANNA

    Hi this is Anna Shearer. Andreas daughter and Fred owens grandaughter. I”m 11. I know whats been going around the two auctions. It’s making my mom and the rest of the Owen family very sad. We been here for 17 years. We hired Nick because no one else would and we taught him everything he knows. Then he goes and starts another auction without us knowing. When we hired Paul to be a full time auctioneer because Nick wasn’t any more. They asked Paul to come down and work for them for 80.00 dollars a hour. They only did that to get anybody working for us down there to make us go out of buieness. They meant to put there days mon. wed. fri. at the same time ,again to put us out of buieness. But we switched our days to Tues. and Thurs. at 5:30. Please come support OUR auction. We will continue our auction no matter what. I don’t even know whats different from our auction to yours. So thanks NICK DEFELICE FOR RUINING OUR AUCTION AND STEALING OUR CUSTOMERS. :(nn From Anna Shearer


    It’s called FREE ENTERPRISE people! No different than 2 gas stations across the street from each other or 2 grocery stores side by side! And this is a free country so if you want to leave your present company and open your own business to compete that’s your right. And if the Amish want to support the new business I say go for it! Too many people think they are slow and dumb, but there are many more intelligent than most of the English people I know.

  • zonhonker

    If the owner of “business A” had treated his customers and sellers right, the new auction house would probably not have been built. This is from all the Amish and many of the English people who have done business there. They tried to reason with the owner of “business A” and he wouldn’t have it. Too little, too late.

  • zonhonker

    You’re right that everyone should have to follow the same rules. And the zoning board was sloppy in its handling of this. But the owner of “business A” wasn’t objecting because he wanted to uphold the integrity of the law. He objected in order to prevent competition! So let’s cut the BS. This permit was going to be granted eventually because it SHOULD be granted. The owner of “business A” managed to slow down the process with technical objections – valid ones – but the result was going to be the same. It wasn’t a matter of “if”, only “when”.

  • saddened

    Don’t you get that this whole thing is personal for Mr. Owen.It’s not about preventing competition.It’s about watching people that he trusted,people that helped him build his business do everything in their power to destroy what he spent seventeen years of his life building.Why is that so hard for anyone to understand. This knew auction has destroyed friendships and divided the Amish community because of the way it’s being started.It has made good honest people deceitful and vindictive all for the love of money. Mr. Owen still can’t understand how his friends could do this to him and truthfully neither can I.

  • Guest

    He must have done something right,the growers made one point eight million dollars last year and still not satisfied.It’s all about the money and nothing else.They just have to keep telling themselves it’s Mr. Owens fault that they have become so greedy!

  • Dave

    DavenI’m not amish and I took produce a few times each year and would leave feeling bullied by Fred. Finally I quite going at all. I went to the new auction and felt much more welcome. I hope they do well.