June 30, 2016

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Multiplying the surprise

Lindsay Lowrie, 20, of Brunswick holds her son, Kenneth. Lowrie gave birth to Kenneth, his twin Colton, and twins Bentley and Griffin on April 18 at Fairview Hospital. (PHOTO PROVIDED)

All parents think their kids are one in a million, but one Brunswick couple legitimately can claim their four boys are one in 70 million.

On April 18, Lindsay Lowrie, 20, and her fiance, Kenny Carr, became the parents of four boys — identical twins, Kenneth and Colton, and a second pair identical twins, Bentley and Griffin.

All were all born within three minutes of each other at Fairview Hospital.

“I was really nervous; but once it got started, I was fine,” said Lowrie, a first-time mother who delivered the babies two months premature through Caesarean section.

Lowrie, who is studying to be a veterinary technician, and Carr, a machinist, found out they were expecting in November, with a July due date.

Lowrie said they didn’t use any fertility treatments and were shocked to see four babies on their sonogram.

“We have no twins on either side of the family,” Lowrie said. “I guess it has to start sometime.”

The couple knew from the first ultrasound at eight weeks there would be two sets of twins because doctors said the identical twins shared the same amniotic sac.

Lowrie said her fiance did his best to stay calm when he got the news.

“He was telling me everything was OK, but I knew inside he was kind of freaking out,” she said.

Lowrie said they had great support from family and friends, especially during the final six weeks of her pregnancy, which were spent on bed rest at Fairview Hospital.

Doctors had hoped to put off her labor until she was at least 24 weeks pregnant, but Lowrie did better than that.

One day after she reached the 28-week mark, she went into labor. While the births did not have complications, all four babies weighed less than 2ᄑ pounds and remain in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“They still need to have their temperature regulated,” Lowrie said.

Having a set of quadruplets born as two sets of identical twins is rare, Lowrie said. She said doctors told her about a couple in Texas who had a similar birth in February and were told the odds were one in

70 million.

As for telling the babies apart, Lowrie said she doesn’t think it will be difficult.

“They’re all different sizes right now, so that makes it easier,” she said. “The two sets of twins are fraternal to each other, so they won’t all look alike.”

Though she visits the babies every day, Lowrie said she looks forward to bringing her sons home. Lowrie was told to expect the babies to be released by her original due date of July 10. But she said they might come home sooner if the boys are doing well and growing stronger.

“We’re just excited to have them home soon,” she said.

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