June 30, 2016

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Storm tears up Granger Twp. family’s property

GRANGER TWP. — A thunderstorm early Thursday morning caused few problems countywide but ravaged one family’s backyard in the 4000 block of Ridge Road.

Nikki Scheutzow said when she and her husband woke up Thursday morning, they found eight to 10 full-grown trees “ripped in half.”

Nikki Scheutzow and her husband woke up Thursday morning to find two acres of damage on their property from an overnight storm. Scheutzow compared the damage to that of "a small tornado." (PHOTO PROVIDED)

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Scheutzow said, describing it as a “small tornado.”

She said the storm was loud that morning, but she didn’t expect to awake to such destruction.

“Luckily, nothing hit our house,” she said. “But one tree missed my husband’s truck by a foot.”

Christina Fozio, director of the Medina County Emergency Management Agency, said the storm didn’t cause any countywide problems.

“There was nothing widespread,” Fozio said. “A lot of times, if something is contained in the four walls of a person’s property, or if sergeants and deputies don’t call us to tell us about something, we don’t hear about it.”

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch Wednesday afternoon, which ended at 2:45 a.m. Thursday.

According to the weather service, a severe thunderstorm can produce 1-inch hail and winds greater than 58 mph.

William Comeaux, a meteorologist at the weather service’s Cleveland office, said the culprit at the Scheutzow’s property likely was a “downburst” — a phenomenon that sends winds outward in straight lines as opposed to a tornado that sucks in air.

“When you get a downburst, it can come in all kinds of different strengths,” Comeaux said. “It could damage one property and take off a roof, and the neighbors could be untouched.”

Downbursts can create winds up to 100 mph, he said.

He said downbursts are somewhat common.

“We don’t have anything written down from Medina County in our logbooks from last night,” he said. “This was probably a contained incident.”

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