June 25, 2016


Welcome to Weymouth Township?

MEDINA TWP. — Township officials are exploring whether to change the township’s name to Weymouth, the onetime seat of Medina County.

“We are just kicking the idea around,” Trustee Michael Todd said.

Todd said most people he has talked with are opposed, but that he doesn’t believe that is a true representation of the township as a whole.

He said people who want to see the change are concerned with reclaiming the history of the area — Weymouth was the original seat of Medina County when it was founded in 1812.

Todd said those in opposition say they don’t see the point of changing the name.

He urges residents to voice their opinions to him.

Trustees have to decide before Aug. 7 whether to put a name-change issue on the Nov. 4 ballot.

If voters approved an issue, Todd said the transition would be as smooth as possible for residents and businesses alike.

“Even if we were to adopt it, we would try to give leeway and time for people to adjust,” Todd said.

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