June 29, 2016

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Baby bone breaking case awaits trial after five years

MEDINA — Five years ago, spouses Kenneth and Laura Grad were charged with fracturing more than two dozen bones in their infant son’s body.

Laura Grad spent three years in prison after she was convicted at a bench trial.

Her husband has yet to stand trial.

Kenneth Grad

Laura Grad

The 42-year-old former Montville Township man had his trial postponed last week for at least the 20th time — making his the longest ongoing case still awaiting trial in Medina County.

County Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier granted a five-month delay to the trial, which was set to begin Monday.

Grad is charged with five counts of endangering children, three second- and two third-degree felonies, and three counts of second-degree felonious assault.

If convicted on all counts, Grad could face 30 years in prison.

He pleaded no contest to all counts in September 2009, and then changed his plea back to not guilty in March 2010, saying his attorney had misled him on what would happen if he pleaded no contest.

The trial was slowed as a result of the plea changes and because he’s had at least 10 attorneys, each of whom needed time to prepare before going to trial.

County Prosecutor Dean Holman asserts the Grads’ son was abused in May 2008, the same month he was born. The abuse continued into mid-June, according to the indictments.

Over that time, doctors said the boy sustained a laceration on his scrotum and fractures on his clavicles, arms, wrists, fingers, ribs, feet, legs and skull.

The boy, now 5, was adopted by relatives.

Laura Grad went on trial in 2009, charged with four counts of endangering children.

She said she didn’t participate in abusing her son, as two counts charged. She was acquitted on those counts and was convicted on the others, which accused her of failing to get medical treatment for the boy.

She was sentenced to five years in prison, but an October 2012 appeal dropped one of her convictions and reduced her prison time by two years. Laura Grad was released from Marysville Reformatory the following month and will be on parole until the end of 2015.

Kenneth Grad has been free on bail since April 26, when he posted 10 percent of a $100,000 bond.

The judge set Kenneth Grad’s case for weekly status conferences. Collier’s bailiff, Terry George, said it was to keep everyone on track so the case wouldn’t be delayed again.

The new trial date is Dec. 2.

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