April 19, 2014

Mostly clear

Patrick Shank teen rape trial delayed

MEDINA — A Montville Township man accused of raping a teenage girl several times before she was 15 had his trial delayed after getting a new attorney.

Patrick Shank

Patrick J. Shank, 46, of 5170 Chippewa Road, is scheduled for an Aug. 26 trial.

Shank hired attorney Kenneth C. Staiduhar, who took over June 26. His previous attorney, John Powers, withdrew as counsel two days earlier.

Shank is accused of raping a girl several times when she was between 13 and 15 years old.

He agreed to plead guilty last month in a plea deal that called for him to serve four years in addition to the six years he already was sentenced to after being convicted in October of sexually assaulting another teenage girl.

But Medina County Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler rejected the deal, saying he was concerned Shank, who is at the Madison Correction Institution, near Columbus, might be able to apply for early release.

  • letpatgohome

    he shouldn’t even be in prison! he is an innocent man and doesn’t deserve any of this! I hope the jury isn’t blinded by this girls lies. let pat go home to his family where he belongs!

  • concerned in Montville

    Jealousy and lies are running wild in this Montville neighborhood. This young lady has been obsessed with Pat and his family for years to the point of stalking him. She is jealous and angry that she was rejected by the Shank’s and Pat and all the other nice families in the neighborhood due to her promiscuous behavior and drug use. If the prosecutor can’t see that he is a fool and should be immediately removed from his position. The charges and this case is a joke designed to damage Pat while he is in a bad spot. She is so angry with his rejection of her. Let’s put her mom and dad on the witness stand for the defense and let the fun begin. Lets see what skeletons are going to march out. They better be sure their pond is nice and clean and the ducks are floating because the Shank’s are not the only ones in the neighborhood and some us us care that an innocent man and family is being further damaged by a love sick crazy, angry, drug using, poorly raised child

  • unblinded

    These comments might be half believable if (1) he wasn’t convicted of the same crimes against another child earlier in the year, and (2) innocent men don’t willingly offer to plead guilty and serve another 4 years for a crime they did not commit. I think you people are living in a fantasy and need a reality check.