June 25, 2016


Medina Schools to buy $220K worth of Apple laptops

MEDINA — The Medina Board of Education on Tuesday approved spending about $228,620 for Macbook laptops and another $182,857 to replace the field house floor at the Medina Community Recreation Center.

During its work session, the board unanimously approved a $228,619.70 contract with Apple to lease 190 Macbook laptops for three years. The school district has the option of purchasing the computers for $1 each at the end of the lease.

Board members stipulated the money would come from the capital improvement account, funded by the county sales tax, instead of from district operating funds.

“If we’ve got the capital funds to spend, I think I’m more OK with that,” board member Bill Grenfell said. “I can’t use those for sports, for activities or for teachers.”

Kris Quallich, director of educational services, said leasing the computers was cheaper than buying them outright.

The computers will be used this coming school year for a pilot program called “project-based learning,” meaning the students would work on projects in class instead of just listening to a lecture.

“The idea is to get more kids involved in hands-on learning,” she said.

About 44 percent of district students would have access to the computers, Quallich said.

The computers also are needed to deal with upcoming requirements for computer-based state testing, board President Karla Robinson said.

“We’re going to be doing state testing on computers,” she said. “The devices we have now are not up to the task.”

The board failed to approve the contract during a special meeting last month where two of the five members were absent.

At the time, Robinson said the computer contract was on the agenda because the administration had negotiated a $15,462 discount from Apple if the contract was approved by June 30.

“We’ve been trying very hard to keep voted items off our special meeting agendas if possible,” she said.

Also Tuesday, the board approved a resolution to award a bid to Dynamic Sports Construction to replace flooring in the recreation center field house for $182,857.

The contract needed to be in place so the work could be done during the center’s yearly shutdown in August, said Jon Burkhart, director of business affairs.
The school district owns the recreation center building and the city leases and operates it.

Half of the cost of the flooring will be covered by the school district and the other half by the city.

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