July 24, 2016

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Brunswick Council revs up road repairs

BRUNSWICK — Two road projects are expected to get under way this fall after City Council approved funding earlier this week.

On Monday, Council approved spending $243,590 on a concrete repair program to cover about 3,000 square yards of problem roadways around the city.

City Engineer Ryan Cummins said his office works with the city Service Department to create a list of needed road repairs. He said this year’s list is about twice as long as last year’s.

“It amounts to about three times as much concrete as last year,” he said. “We’re going to try and get as far down the list as we can.”

Also on Monday, Council approved a $439,985 project to complete a resurfacing on Grafton Road between Hadcock Road and just west of Lakewood Avenue.

That project only will require about $47,000 in general city fund money because a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission is picking up the remaining 89 percent of the cost. The first phase of the project, completed in 2011, was intersection work at Grafton and Hadcock roads. Phases two and three of Hadcock Road work also were completed by the city using money from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

“The grant money from Ohio Public Works is really great for municipalities like ours,” Cummins said.

“It allows us to do a lot more than we would otherwise be able to do.”

He said the work will begin in August and be completed by the end of the year. Both contracts were awarded to Tri Mor Corp., which was the lowest bidder on both projects.

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