April 17, 2014

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Burglar to serve sentence next to victim

MEDINA — A 20-year-old Brunswick woman will spend three months on house arrest and three years on probation for stealing family heirlooms from a neighbor’s home.

Shannon Willoughby, of 1271 Old Eagle Drive, pleaded guilty May 30 to burglary, a fourth-degree felony, as part of a plea deal.

Shannon Willoughby

She originally was charged with second-degree burglary and theft, a fourth-degree felony, meaning she could have spent up to 9½ years in prison.

Willoughby was convicted of breaking into a neighbor’s house with two accomplices on March 23, 2011, and stealing jewelry, cash, a camera, an iPod, a portable DVD player and jeans.

The neighbor, Cherie Deberry, told the court she felt betrayed because they’d lived near each other for many years, and her daughter and Willoughby had been friends as children.

“I never thought it was her,” Deberry told Medina County Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler. “When I found out it was her, I was afraid to sleep in my own home.”

She called Willoughby a “ringleader” and a “bully.”

Kimbler asked Deberry how she thought Willoughby should be punished, and Deberry said she trusted his judgment.

“For someone I consider a friend, I just think that was a pretty crappy thing to do,” Deberry said.

Willoughby’s accomplices — William Ungor III, 23, and Christopher Zevchek, 20 — each spent six months at the county jail after pleading guilty last year in July and September, respectively. Both were convicted of burglary, a third-degree felony, and theft, a fifth-degree felony.

The judge sentenced Willoughby to house arrest instead so she could care for her child.

He warned her, though, that if she violates the terms of her house arrest or probation, she could face up to 1½ years in prison. In addition, she could face an additional three months of house arrest if the judge deems it necessary. She also was required to pay $500 restitution to Deberry for the stolen items, many of which never were recovered, according to reports.

Willoughby originally was charged with misdemeanor receiving stolen property, but while in jail Zevchek told police that Willoughby was involved, according to reports.

She was indicted in August 2011.

Also in court

Michael Thewes

• A 36-year-old Wadsworth man pleaded not guilty Thursday to six drug-related charges — and he already had five pending in court.

Michael J. Thewes Jr., of 124½ Pine St., now has 11 charges — three third-degree, five fourth-degree and three fifth-degree felonies. He is scheduled for an Aug. 12 trial.

He’s accused of trafficking marijuana, morphine, narcotics, psychedelics, stimulants and prescription anxiety medication.

If convicted, he could face up to 25½ years in prison and would have to forfeit $485 prosecutors say he earned from selling marijuana.

He has no previous record in county common pleas court and has been free on bond since June 17.

Cody Vanderwyst

• Judge Kimbler told a 19-year-old Wadsworth man accused of marijuana trafficking that he should dress more professionally in court if he wanted the judge to take him seriously.

Cody A. Vanderwyst — accused of third- and fourth-degree felonies — pleaded not guilty while dressed in jeans and a white tank top.

“Your attorney is going to have a hard time representing you if you dress that way,” Kimbler told the man, advising him to dress better at his trial, which is scheduled for Sept. 18. “Or don’t. Just know I’m the one passing judgment on you.”

If convicted, Vanderwyst could face up to 2½ years in prison.

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  • matt

    does it matter what kind of clothes you wear? I though justice was blind

  • matt


  • shannon willoughby

    First of all, I would like to make it known that I was never charged with burglary. I was charged with attempted burglary. I was never caught with any of the stolen property. My dna was never found in the house. Nor were my finger prints or foot prints. I told the police where they could find the stolen property. I knew about the break in after it happened. That was as far as my involvement went. I had an alibi for where I was the day the incident happened. The police looked into it. I never once bragged about being a ring leader. I would of have to have been involved in order to brag about that. And I wasn’t. Why don’t you pull up all of the files before you publish a story. I was guilty by association. I cooperated with the police. I helped them. They were going to charge an innocent person for a crime they did not commit. Me being honest, stopped that from happening. Billy and chris were told I sold them out. After that billy changed his story from I knew about it but wasn’t involved to I went into the house also. He was offered a plea agreement to testify against me, after I had already entered into a plea agreement to testify against both of them. After chirs and his lawyer found out about the plea agreement, chris changed his story for a third time. To get the same plplea agreement. Anyone who knows me, knows I didn’t do this. My story is the only one that hasn’t changed. I was only supposed to get 60 days house arrest. Until the victim (who bragged about how she was going to show up at my hearing to play the victim to ensure I got the worst punishment possible) showed up, and lied. As much as possible. They had no case against me. What so ever. The prosecutor didn’t even want the case. I never admitted to breaking into a housen Because I didn’t. And that is the truth. If I had, don’t you think they would have had some sort of evidence? They didn’t even have any proof from phone records. I wasn’t hurting. I was getting almost a $1000 a month. I had no need for money. I paid hundreds to go see friends in new york? Whenever I wanted to. I paid for Billy’s car to be fixed. I bailed him out of jail. I gave him and his girlfriend a place to live. I helped them as much as I possibly could. Does that really seem like someone that is a bully to you? You had no right to publish a story, when you dont even know the story entirely. Did you know that out of every single imterrogation, that mine were the only ones that were never recorded? So all of the cooperation I put forth went unnoticed. Or that I had no idea i was going to be questioned when i first was, and the girl i was with the day this incident took place was also the same person who went to the police department with me when i went to get my id and ended up beong questioned about a b&e. And that she was also questioned and told the police the same exact story i did, and she wasnt even in the room to hear what i told them about my where abouts for the day were. I was gone from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. the day this happened. Or how about the fact that the detective lied to me? Trying to force me into false admission by telling me theu found my footprint in the house. Which i talked to my lawyer about and he even said no footprints were ever found except for those of the two guys who broke into the house. Or that i was harrassed the police department. And blackmailed by billy and his girlfriend because they owed me hundreds that i had loaned them. And said if i didnt forget about it that they would tell the police i was involved. How about the fact that Billys girlfriend Miranda knew about the break in but never told the police? And was found in possession of stolen property, but she was never charged with anything! You drug my name through the mud withwithout even collecting all of the facts. You have destroyed an innocent persons character, for what? Nothing. Do you have any idea what this article has done? I’ve lost family and friends because of thisn I am being harrassed because of this. You want the truth? I was told my a lawyer that my options were to fight this and risk loosing my son, who is my entire world. And has multiple health problems. Or to lie and admit to being a look out to get a plea agreement and keep my son. If put in my position, what would you have done? I am not a bully. The only thing my life consists of, is caring for my child who has had five major hospital stays in a year. And almost died twice. I don’t bully people I never have. I was bullied my entire life for having dry skinn I’d never do that to another person. I have always been a good friend, and neighbor. I have always tried to help people as much as possible. If you are going to publish a story about me, at least know the truth about me. Not what one vindictive person has to say. Talk to my neighbors, my family, my friends. If the lady was really that upset about what happened, then why didn’t she show up to any other hearings but mine? Does that make sense to you? If you’re the least bit intelligent it should not. and you probably also don’t know about all of the prescription pain medications, money, and clothes that were stolen from my house by these people either.

  • guest

    Ms. Willoughby-Let this be a lesson learned. You will ALWAYS be guilty by association so in the future choose your friends wisely. If you were so innocent you never would have been implicated. You are a 20 year old mother your son should be your FIRST PRIORITY. You seem to have a lot of growing up to do.

  • shannon willoughby

    I have a lot of growing up to do? This incident happened in 2011. My son wasn’t born until mid 2012. You don’t know anything about me. Or my maturity level. My son IS my first priority. So don’t tell me otherwise. If you knew anything about me, you would know the only thing that matters in my life is my son. Clearly you don’t know how spiteful people can be when they are told that someone “sold them out.” Or what people are willing to do to save themselves. Pull up the docket, see for yourself. That the courts had no case against me what so ever. I tried to help two people out during a tough time. I gave them a place to live. And this is what I got in return. I have grown up, the same cannot be said about you if you feel the need to talk down to someone that you don’t even know.

  • Brunswick Guest

    This women stole from her neighbor? Judge should of locked her up.nThat’s the worse of the worst. Hope she wont be moving to my neighborhood. Whats Brunswick coming to when we have a 20 year old mother robbing neighbors. nShould be in jail not sitting at home enjoying the summer!

  • shannon willoughby

    Listen, first of all my son wasn’t born when this incident happened. Secondly they had no evidence and case agaisnt me. Thirdly, I wasn’t even home when the break in happened. Look up the case file before you start running your mouth! Enjoying summer? Clearly you don’t know what house arrest is like.

  • concerned for a child

    This girl is trash! What kind of person helps someone steal from a childhood friend? If I were the victim she decided to violate I would be upset that she is on house arrest while I feel unsafe that she robbed me. Her child clearly deserves a better upbringing and hopefully she realizes that. She needs to make better choices to prevent the child from growing up to be trash as well. The friends you choose define who you become and how people feel about you!

  • shannon willoughby

    Listen, whoever you are. What they fail to mention is that this incident happened almost THREE YEARS AGO! My son is 16 months old. I never stole from my neighbor. The kids that did it, lied. And threw me under the bus. To get reduced sentencing. Go to the Brunswick Police Department. And request the incident reports. No where in any of the reports is there anything incriminating towards me. In fact, if you or anyone else for that matter read any of the incident reports you’d see that I’m the one that told the police who broke into the house, and where I had seen the stolen belongings! My son has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what I am going through. I am a very good mother to my child. So don’t you DARE say a word about me as a parent. You don’t know me! You don’t know what I have been through for my child. I have FULL CUSTODY of my son. Despite my legal troubles that I shouldn’t even be in, in the first place. I am raising my son. On my own. Without any help from his father. I’m the one going to ever doctor appointment and I’ve been the one at the hospital every single day throughout his six hospitalizations. I don’t hang out with any bad people. People who have records. Or people who drink or do drugs. So pleasetell me what concerns you have for my son? Everyone and anyone who knows me, knows I am a great mommy. Would you like to search for me on facebook? My name is Shannon Richelle W. I don’t go out and party. Or abandon my child. I never have. I never will. I stay with him. I’ve been away from him two nights in 16 months. I do everything for my son. I do everything with the best of intentions for him! This happened THREE YEARS AGO! And I wasn’t the one who broke in. So before you start judging me based on what a newspaper wrote, know the facts. Cause I can honestly tell you that the reporter didn’t. Or read my previous comments. Or know that I have a chief editor waiting to write a story with me on overcharging. I was charged because two people changed their stories three times each to save themselves. And friends? No. I tried to be a good person and help William Ungor out. And give him a place to stay until he got himself on his feet after being kicked out of his home. Once againn Don’t you DARE bring my son into something he has NOTHING to do with. Kimbler wasn’t too concerned. Nor are my house arrest officer or probation officer. They all know how good of a mother I am! So screw you.

  • Trash

    Wow! You must be a great mother cause your Facebook says so! The man you choose to father your son isn’t in the picture so that makes you better? That doesn’t help any argument you have, it does prove you make bad choices though. Judge Kimbler is a great man and deserves the respect of being called by his title. So you tried to help trash that was kicked out of his home and you end up looking like trash. I wish you the best of luck and your son all the happiness in the world. Good thing you seen the stolen items after you told your friends to steal them!

  • Point

    Nice answer! She also doesn’t see this is an account of a court proceeding and they are just stating what happened in court one day, not commenting on how she should grow up and feel lucky she isn’t in prison

  • shannon willoughby

    First of all, I never told anyone to steal anything! I helped the detective with the case. Go ask him yourself. I never said anything about Judge Kimbler not being a good man. You don’t know the story. You don’t know the facts. You don’t know that the “victim lied.” And no, you’re wrong again. My sons father being a dead beat has nothing to do with my decision making. And if you saw how much love I have for my son, and how much care I give to him daily you’d see that I’m not trash. You are trash for judging someone when you know absolutely nothing. You are a complete and utter imbecile. You are moronic. Go request the incident reports. Please, and you will see just how much of a fool you are making of yourself. Not to mention. If the victim was so upset, then why did she not show up to any of the other hearings except mine? And for the record. No where in any report does it state that family heirlooms were stolen. The victim lied. She went around bragging to other neighbors about her intentions to get me in as much trouble as she could. I never entered any home. Hence why my DNA was never found in the house. And the detective has to lie and try to force me into false admission by saying my footprints were found in the house. My son is the happiest little boy in the world thank you very much. And if you’d like to continue to talk about my son then stop being a coward and hiding behind a username. You don’t see me doing that do you? No. Because I have nothing to be ashamed of. Because I did not do this.

  • shannon willoughby

    I have grown up a lot. Thank you very much. Once again. This incident happened three years ago. So before you start bad mouthing me, know the whole story. You make no point. Just as no one else who has commented on this has made a point. You are all cowards. Hiding behind a user name. You are the ones that need to grow up. You must feel so terrible about yourselves to feel the need to talk poorly about someone you don’t even know. If you’d like to continue on, at least have the dignity to say who you are. Pathetic.

  • Bonnie Allen

    first of all i want to say i am ashamed to even acknowledge the fact that this is my daughter. second of all i did not raise her but not by choice during my divorce all mature adults should understand this statement you cant fight a liar and that is all my ex did to gain custody and use my daughters against me to punish me for not wanting him i would really like to apologize to the lady that this happened to im sorry for what you went through because of my daughter and trust in the fact had i been the one who raised her this would have never happened i have four other children and trust when i say i know my daughter is a treacherous individual that is why i do not associate with shannon she has no remorse for anything she does wrong to anyone and blames her behaviors on everyone else but herself as the brunswick detectives told me when they contacted me while both of these boys were sitting in jail this womens jeans were neatly folded and put infront of her front door and they knew because both of these men were in jail it was only my daughter who could have done it hard for a mother to hear but i am not blind to who and what my daughter is she has no respect and will do whatever she wants to anyone with no reguard for feelings or safety but that is not a trait she inherited from me everyone who knows me and my other four children will tell you i have four other incredible kids and all i can say is this lack of parenting skills by her father and his lies are now hitting him right in the face and he most of all deserves the outcome he promoted for all these years he deserves to be strung up for how he raised shannon to be but she is also old enough to know right from wrong and she choose her path and no one should feel ever sorry for her bad choices in life the one i feel sorry for is her son and i can honestly say some women shouldnt be mothers especially one who is like my daughter i feel the judge did a dis service to the victim in this case but even a bigger injustice to the baby boy my daughter had i will be the first to say he deserved better then what he got and maybe he would have had a chance if his mom would have went to jail because i dont see my daughters bad ways ending here she has just been more empowered now from spending no time in jail for what she has done i live it every day every time she contacts me to call me dirty names and all i can do is cut her out my life even more then i already have no one should have to live in hell because of their child as i said before i am truly sorry for what has happened

  • Bonnie Allen

    and to add another key fact her father who raised her was terminated from an alarm company in cleveland ohio because he was on call every so many weeks for third shift and had this brainiac idea to take keys to companys around the area that they monitored and would jar the doors or open the doors with the keys to where the company would call him out and he collected overtime pay so if her own father can steal from the place he worked from where do you think shannon gets it from lol my daughter is a trip i have read how she talks to everyone on here and it is sad because she excepts no responsibility and wants to play the hero she is no hero she is a bully like the women she stole from said she isnt lying you all think its bad being her neighbor try being her mother and being born and raised from brunswick and having school friends sending you the artical on your kid being a felon its embarrassing and shameful and she deserves no pitty her life is what she choose and drugs and alcohol oh yea my daughter is wrapped up in that and the babys daddy wise man for dumping her because no matter who she would get with HENCE this would be your life and may god have pitty on the man she does try to trap

  • guessst

    Why was my last comment not posted?

  • WoW

    Your this ladys mother? WoW