July 23, 2016

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Convicted pot grower’s appeal gets his sentence reduced

MEDINA — A 46-year-old man convicted in 2007 of conspiring with 11 others to operate marijuana grow houses in and around Brunswick had his 13-year prison sentence reduced by five years Monday.

Medina County Common Pleas Judge James L. Kimbler cut Khuong V. Hoang’s prison time at a resentencing hearing. The resentencing was ordered by the 9th District Court of Appeals in August as the result of a successful appeal.

Khuong Hoang

Hoang, who was set for release from Marion Correctional Institution in 2019, instead will be released next year.

The court of appeals sent Hoang’s case back to Kimbler to comply with Ohio Supreme Court guidelines that were set after Hoang was sentenced.

The guidelines that changed involved “allied offenses of similar import.” At the 2007 hearing, Hoang was sentenced on three of his eight charges — which included illegal cultivation, marijuana possession, and conspiracy and complicity.

Under the new guidelines, all of Hoang’s charges are considered similar offenses. As a result, he was sentenced on only one charge, which resulted in the reduced sentence.

Hoang and his 11 co-defendants — his brother Phu Hoang, Lai and Lan Vu, Tuan and Huong Nguyen, Tuan Do, Dung Ha, and Henry, Thanh, Hoa and Thana Tran — were arrested in June 2006.

All were convicted, and all but Do were imprisoned. Eight remain behind bars.

Police reported they found more than 600 marijuana plants, $60,000 worth of growing supplies and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash during raids on three “grow houses” in Brunswick and Brunswick Hills Township.

The homes were in the 1400 block of Troon Avenue, the 3300 block of Clover Avenue and the 4700 block of Baywood Drive.

Many of the 12 defendants lived in the same apartment complex in Brunswick and would travel to the houses to care for the plants, police said. The houses were maintained, they said, to look like someone lived there.

Hoang and one other man received the highest sentences. Others were given eight or four years.

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