June 25, 2016

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Golf: Spoerndle to play 100 holes to benefit Hospice of Medina County

MEDINA — When Pat Spoerndle came up with the idea to golf 100 holes in a single day to benefit HMC Hospice of Medina County, he figured he would do it for one year.

Not only has it lasted more than a year, the annual golf marathon benefit is nearing a milestone in terms of money raised.

On Monday, Pat Spoerndle will play 100 for Hospice at Fox Meadow Country Club. It marks the fifth year that Spoerndle is raising money for Hospice of Medina County. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY RON SCHWANE)

Spoerndle will take to Fox Meadow Country Club on Monday for the fifth annual 100 For Hospice in hopes of surpassing the $100,000 plateau, with 100 percent of it going to Hospice.

“I had no idea it would evolve into this,” he said. “I had this idea in 2009 and I thought I would just do it for one year.

“Year in, year out, I’m amazed by the support of people in our county and outside of the county.”

Spoerndle came up with a goal of $10,000 in his first attempt to golf 100 holes in a day and found out right away about the generosity of local residents. He far exceeded that mark, pulling in $16,000, and the Medina resident has generated over $80,000 for Hospice heading into this year’s event.

“I’m thrilled,” Spoerndle said of nearing the monetary milestone. “Right now, I’m a little nervous, too, because the first year we had a number to get to and each year we’ve gotten there. Now knowing that the total (of $100,000) is in reach, it’s a little nerve-racking.”

Spoerndle wouldn’t have it any other way, however, as he never needs an excuse to spend a perfect summer day on the links. He plans to start his marathon round at 6:30 a.m.

To keep the 56-year-old going, he will battle a team from WKNR-AM 850 that includes county residents Kenny Roda and Tony Rizzo, along with Bruce Hooley and Matt Fontana, in a friendly competition to see who has the best net score and finishes in the fastest time.

The team that takes longer than five minutes on a hole will be penalized by a stroke, which the KNR team found out first hand after being penalized 21 times in last summer’s event.

“I killed them in time last year and that’s always a goal of mine,” said Spoerndle, who needed 7 hours, 7 minutes last summer to complete the task. “This year’s objective is to play fast, like I always do, and play well. I was flying last year, but a lot of that had to do with that I’ve done it before.

“But as long as we raise the money I’m after, I don’t care who wins. It’s definitely great bragging rights and nice to have them involved.”

Spoerndle is looking for donations from individuals and businesses to help his cause. For the first time, donations can be made online at his website www.100forhospice.com, or be visiting Hospice’s webpage, www.hospiceofmedina.org/give.

Spoerndle said the target tax-deductible donation is $100, but he’s encouraging those that donate to recruit others to give and so on.

Those willing to help in the event or in the cause itself can contact Spoerndle at (330) 721-8822.

“People have been very generous,” he said. “We have core people that are there year in and year out making donations, and that has worked out great. The folks at Fox Meadows have also been great with helping us. I want to get that $20,000.”

The public is also encouraged to stop by Fox Meadow throughout the day for moral support.

“One-hundred holes of golf is a lot of work, but it’s fun,” Spoerndle said. “The feeling and excitement I get is indescribable. I get to help a great organization and community with something I enjoy doing.”

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